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Bryan Jones takes Harris Chain ABA

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bjEarlier this year, Bryan Jones won the B.A.S.S. Open on Lake Toho as a Co Angler (see that article here). Since then, he just got another big win in Florida on the Harris Chain in the American Bass Anglers Weekend Bass Series. We asked him about this event, and here is what he had to say…

FTB: Tell us a little about the tournament. Did you prefish at all?

BJ: My boater couldn’t make the pre-tournament meeting, but after talking to him on the phone, he had not prefished at all. The morning of the tournament, he decided we were going to go to Lake Griffin (part of the Harris Chain of Lakes). I was happy to hear this, as I have some experience there.

FTB: How was your boater fishing?

BJ: When we got to Griffin, the wind started to blow a bit. My pro tried a few different techniques, but we figured out after fishing around a bit that flipping the Cattails was the best pattern.

FTB: How did you fish differently than him?

BJ: We were both flipping Reaction Innovations Sweet Beavers up next to the Cattails. I just tried to make sure I hit spots that my pro had not hit yet. When flipping grass as a Co Angler, it is important to watch where your pro flips and try to find untouched water.  halo 7’6 heavy power pro 65 3/4oz weight hack attack flip hook blk blu sweet beaver

FTB: What equipment were you using?

BJ: Like I said, we were both throwing Sweet Beavers in the black and blue color. I was flipping it with my Halo Fishing 7’6 Heavy flipping stick, with 65 pound Power Pro braid, pegged with a 3/4oz tungsten weight and Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Hook.

FTB: What advice do you have for Co Anglers who come to Florida?

BJ: There are three techniques I feel all anglers should know when fishing in Florida-flipping, worm fishing, and lipless crankbaits.


Circuits Fished: BASS Opens, Florida Bass Federation, Lakeland Bassmasters, ABA Weekend Bass Series, Toad Snatchers Bass Club

Years Co: 6

Favorite Technique: Flipping

Hobbies aside from Fishing: Hanging out with friends, bowling

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