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Hoyt Tidwell: Lewis Smith Lake Co Angler Champion

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hoyt win

The FLW Tour made its second stop of the 2013 season at Lewis Smith Lake. Hoyt Tidwell had an impressive three day weight of 34-01 pounds to bring home the title. Here’s what he had to say about the event…

FTB: Hoyt can you tell us a little bit about the conditions of the lake and weather during practice and the tournament?

Hoyt: Leading up to the tournament, we had some decent weather conditions. Unfortunately, I only got to utilize one practice day due to feeling sick the other days. Therefore, I didn’t learn much until the tournament. The first day, Thursday, it was really cold outside, below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Water temperatures were sitting around 50. Fortunately, the weather got better the next two days, and the water temperature bumped up to 53 or 54.

FTB: So, with these conditions, what did you do to catch your fish?

Hoyt: I was lucky enough to fish with three pros that stayed off the bank, including Stacey King, Jacob Powroznik, and Brent Ehrler. I caught 14 of my 15 fish on a drop shot, and the other on a jig while reeling it back to the boat. Throughout the tournament, I fished water anywhere from 28 to 47 feet deep. I was using a 4.5 inch Roboworm Straight Tail Worm in the Morning Dawn Hologram color. I found that the color was very important to my success. Also, I noticed that in order to catch fish, the weight had to touch the bottom at all times.

FTB: What did you do differently from your pros?

Hoyt: I stuck to the drop shot pretty much throughout the tournament. My pros threw other lures including jigs, alabama rigs, and senkos. I wasn’t watching the graph to catch these fish either. I just knew we were around them, and kept it under the boat.

FTB: What can other co anglers learn from this event?

Hoyt: At the beginning, I was not happy about this lake being on the schedule. I ended up winning it. Don’t judge a lake is what I am trying to say. It is also important to be confident in what you throw. I would go 30-45 minutes without a single bite on my worm while just jiggling it under the boat. I kept with it, though, and it paid off.

FTB: Any other tips away from this tournament?

Hoyt: Don’t ever be an aggressive co angler. Always treat your boater with respect and you will become a better angler. Think outside the box, stay confident, and prepare yourself for all tournaments.

Oh yeah, and become familiar with a drop shot rig. It has caught me countless fish as a co!

FTB: Thanks for your time Hoyt! Good luck with the rest of your season.


Circuits Fished: FLW Tour

Years Co: Off and on for 15 years (active in the military)

Favorite Technique: Cranking, with football jigs coming second

Hobbies away from Fishing: Golf

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