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Joe Lee wins Amistad Open

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joe-lee-co-1st-IMG_6074Co angler Joe Lee of Grand Prairie, TX recently won the first Bassmaster Central Open of the year on Lake Amistad, TX. He brought in a three day total of 26 lbs 1 oz. We caught up with Joe and asked how he did it. Check out our interview below!

FTB: Joe, going into this tournament, what were your expectations on how the fishing would be?

JL: At first, I had high expectations simply due to the fact that we were going to Amistad. After a half-day of prefishing, having not caught anything, my expectations started to drop. The weather was getting bad, and other fishermen had slow practice days as well. I then knew the tournament was going to be tough.

FTB: What was the weather like throughout the tournament?

JL: Days 1 and 2 were cloudy and cold, with a little wind as well. In the mornings, it was in the upper 20’s. With the cold temperatures, it was hard to fish because our guides were freezing up so much. The final day, it warmed up to 60 or 70 by the time the weigh-in rolled around. The water temperatures were low, ranging from 49-53 depending on where you were on the lake.

FTB: How did you catch your fish?

JL: On day 1, I threw a small carolina-rig with a watermelon red fluke as well as a texas-rigged watermelon candy trick worm and brought in two keepers (In B.A.S.S. Opens, the co angler limit is 3) and was sitting at around 40th place. On day 2, I drew a pro who was throwing a drop shot in 30-35 feet of water. On my first drop, I caught a 6-11, and caught several more until I had 15lbs 5oz before 10 o’clock. I was leading the tournament after day 2. On the final day, I fished the drop shot rig again which produced a 3 fish limit for 6-13 which was good enough to win by about 6 lbs.

FTB: What did you do differently than your pros?

JL: While my pro was also fishing a drop shot, he rigged his worm to be weedless, while I hooked mine wacky. Fishing a drop shot in this manner will give the fish a different look.

FTB: Any other tips for co anglers?

JL: I always like to fish similar to my pros, but never exactly the same. For example, if they are throwing a big worm, I might throw a jig to offer something different. The biggest thing for me, however, is to keep my lure in the water at all times and fish hard all day.

FTB: Thanks for your time Joe, and good luck this year!


Circuits fished: B.A.S.S. Opens, Cowboy Church Bass Club, various other tournaments

Years Co: 4, been fishing tournaments since age 9 though

Favorite technique: Cranking

Hobbies aside from fishing: Running, sports, and playing cornhole

Sponsors: Frenzy Baits

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