Keith Honeycutt

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Keith Honeycutt – Grand Lake Champion

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Keith HoneycuttWe got a hold of Keith Honeycutt, winner of the co angler division at the FLW Tour event at Grand Lake, Oklahoma. After talking for several minutes, we got the inside scoop on how he won this event.

FTB: What were the weather conditions like during the tournament?

KH: Day 1 was one of the best fishing days of the year, with winds from 10-15 mph and cloud cover. On days 2 and 3, the sun came out and the wind calmed down, making for tougher fishing.

FTB: How did you catch your fish?

KH: On day 1, I threw a Lucky Craft 1.5 squarebill in the chartreuse/black back color on shallow rip rap in the morning, and flipped in the afternoon, which resulted in my biggest bag of the tournament (17-11). Day 2 was a lot slower, but I still managed to crank my way to around 13 lbs. On day 3, I was paired with Jason Christie, a flippin’ machine. I flipped behind him to little success, but managed some solid keepers. I was fortunate enough to crank in the afternoon to fill my limit, and take home the win.

FTB: What did you do differently than your pros?

KH: I really didn’t fish a whole lot different than them. I just tried to pick targets that had not been hit yet, and stay confident.

FTB: What did you learn from this event?

KH:  On the last day, I learned to just be patient, and it will happen eventually. I was a bit discouraged in the morning with the slow flippin’ bite, but I stayed calm and confident, and it paid off when we got on the cranking bite.

FTB: Any other tips for cos?

KH: Always ask questions and try to learn as much from each event as possible. Pay close attention to all factors while on the water. Keep an open mind and a positive attitude. Also, a shaky head is a must-have as a co angler!

FTB: Thanks Keith and good luck!


Circuits fished: FLW Tour, BFL Cowboy region, Everstart Texas division, any local FLW-offered tournament

Years co: 9

Favorite technique: Shallow cranking

Hobbies aside from fishing: Hunting and anything in the outdoors

Sponsors: Berkley, Abu Garcia, Castaway Rods, Angler’s Warehouse

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