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Less is More

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By Wyatt Hammond

“Less is more” is a philosophy that I have begun to lean on pretty heavily after looking back on a string of particularly bad tournaments that I experienced last year. I was bringing seven to eight rods to each tournament and spent much of the days digging through my boxes changing lures and tying up new rigs in search of more bites.  It eventually hit me that I just need to relax and simplify, because I had been overcomplicating my days with trying techniques and lures I was not absolutely confident in.

For starters, I purchased one Plano 3700 box and only put in the lures that I was 100% confident in for the conditions at hand and set it as my day box. This box contained everything that I should need for a day of fishing on a particular body of water. This saves me from digging around my whole box all day and served as a limiter for me. With only one box to outfit all my rods, the lures I had absolute confidence in became readily apparent. I used to think that one box was a little too small, but realized this is not true. Think back on the last tournament you fished, and the lures that you used, and try to fill up a box with just those lures. I am willing to bet that there would be a few empty spaces.

Wyatt's go-to box

This box is definitely not the only one I bring to tournaments but simply serves as the front line for my entire tackle box. Lures move into and out of the day box as the seasons and lakes change. For example, I will go through my day box from the last tournament that I fished on Santee Cooper. I knew that it was going to be a shallow water tournament with a large possibility of bed fishing, so in go two bed fishing baits, a Big Bite Baits Ring Craw and Warmouth. Next, we could be fishing pre/post spawn fish on cypress trees so in go some Strike King Shadalicious swim baits,  All Terrain Tackle AT Jigs in two colors, plus a few trailers for the jigs. Lastly, the co angler favorite, the All Terrain Mighty Jig shakey head and matching Roboworm, which pretty much has a permanent home in the day box.

The next time you are fishing a tournament from the back deck, put together a small box of lures based on the conditions and what you have absolute confidence in. Not only will your mind be free from the worry of “what if that lure would work better,” you will be using lures you have absolute confidence in, and confidence will always put fish in the boat.


Circuits Fished: South Carolina BFL division, local tournaments

Years Co: 4

Favorite Technique: Skipping jigs and punching grass

Hobbies aside from Fishing: Shooting and anything else outdoors

Sponsors: All Terrain Tackle, Fishing For Charities

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