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Offshore Grass with Jordan Lee

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As summer starts, and the aquatic vegetation grows, bass start to move off the bank and towards open water structure and cover. Offshore grass can be one of the best places to look for hungry bass. After speaking with Jordan Lee, we learned some important strategies for co anglers to employ the next time they have a boater targeting offshore grass.

As a co, Jordan suggests keeping it simple in the grass, and throwing lures that you know will generate bites. “I can’t stress the importance of good equipment enough,” says Lee. “When fishing grass of any sort, you can’t afford to use wimpy gear.” He suggests to use a good, heavy rod, high speed reel, and heavier lines, depending on lure choice.

If the grass grows to the surface, matting up on top, Lee says you can’t go wrong with a topwater frog, such as a Booyah Pad Crasher. He looks for blowholes, and any spots where the canopy folds over, giving bass a place to hide. “Always look for blowholes (holes in the matted vegetation where bass have been feeding); they almost always have some fish underneath. Using a good reel with peak casting distance is important. Lee says, “Being able to throw farther than your boater is all it takes sometimes, with the vast amounts of grass, the bass could be anywhere, so making long casts gives you a way to find them.”

If the grass doesn’t grow to the top, and rather creates an underwater jungle, Lee opts for plastics or crankbaits. If his pro is fishing fast with a moving bait, Lee will follow him up with a different moving bait, usually a Bomber Fat Free Shad. Lee bumps his normal 12lb test for crankbaits up to 15 or 17 due to the grass. “You must pay attention to the depth your crankbait runs when fishing it over grass; you don’t want to constantly hang it in the grass, but you don’t want it way above the fish either” Lee says.

When Lee’s pro is fishing slow, Lee will throw a big plastic behind him, like a Yum 10″ Ribbontail. If he feels the plastic through a thicker patch of grass, he will throw in there again and work it thoroughly. “When the grass isn’t all the way to the surface, it is harder to find the sweet spots, so if you feel something different when working your bait through, it is worth making some extra casts to it. 9 times out of 10, the bass will be on some kind of grass point or thicker patch of grass.”

Bass can be anywhere in offshore vegetation, so next time you are faced with this situation, remember to use quality equipment and throw lures you are confident in. Always be on the watch for differences in the grass (points, blowholes, thicker clumps, etc.), as they are some of the best places to target. With these tips, you are sure to catch fish behind your boater.

About Jordan:

Circuits Fished: FLW Tour, various other tournaments including BFL’s, Everstarts and more.

Years Co: 1 (fishes the front deck more often)

Favorite Technique: Flippin’ shallow cover

Hobbies aside from Fishing: Playing pool with friends

Sponsors: Yum, Booyah Bait Co, Bomber Lures

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