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Potomac River Recap – Destin DeMarion

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The Northern FLW Rayovac Series made its first stop at the Potomac River from June 19-21. Bass Angler Headquarters Contributor, Destin DeMarion, had another great tournament with a 2nd place finish. We called him up to find out more about his tournament, and what other co anglers could learn from it. Check it out below…

FTB: Destin, tell us a little about the weather/water conditions throughout the tournament.

DD: Practice was super hot and humid. The grass also seemed to be behind; it was a lot more sparse than it normally is this time of year. The first couple days of the tournament were nice and the sun was shining. The last day was drizzly, overcast, and a little cooler outside.Water temperatures ranged from the upper 70s in the backs of creeks to near 90 in some places. The tide is what made the difference in the fish activity.

FTB: Did you have a chance to prefish for this event? If so, what were your expectations after your prefished?

DD: I prefished for a day and a half with my friend. I had high hopes for the tournament, and expected to catch them well on a frog.

The frog Destin used on Day 1.
The frog Destin used on Day 1.

FTB: How did you fish on Day 1 of this event?

DD: We fished deeper grass, and my boater flipped. I threw my frog over the top and it seemed to draw some big bites. I missed several fish as well, but that is normal with frog fishing.

FTB: And Day 2?

DD: Day 2 was a complete change from Day 1.. We fished finesse baits slowly in the current. I was throwing a wacky rig while my boater threw a flick shake and a senko. We had to let it sink for a while to get bit.

FTB: Day 3?

The Whip Em Baits Bluegill Spinnerbait Destin threw on Day 3.
The Whip Em Baits Bluegill Spinnerbait Destin threw on Day 3.

DD: I fished with Dave Lefebre in a big bay on Day 3. We were fishing sparse vegetation and ripping spinnerbaits and chatterbaits threw it to draw reaction strikes. It seemed that bluegill colors worked best so I threw a Whip Em Baits Bluegill Spinnerbait.

FTB: So what were the most important equipment for you during this tournament?

DD: Like I said, the bluegill patterned baits worked well as the bluegill were on beds. Another big importance for me was my Toray Braided Line. When fishing grass, you need to have good line that you can trust, so you can not only get a good hook in the fish, but also bring it up and out of the grass without coming unbuttoned. My Toray Braid ensured I could do this.

FTB: Any tips for other co anglers after fishing this tournament?

DD: If you are fishing a tidal river, you need to do some research on the tide. There were certain times throughout the tide that were definitely more productive than others, and knowing when these were so you can maximize your fishing time and execute was important. If you ever have a chance to fish a river like this, I would highly recommend it so you can get a little more first-hand experience.


Circuits Fished: Bassmaster Northern and Southern Opens, Rayovac Series, BFL Northeast, and Bassmaster Weekend Series

Years Co: 3

Favorite Technique: Power fishing with a Frog, Chatterbait, or Swimbait

Hobbies aside from Fishing: Running and Hunting

Sponsors: Whip Em BaitsCentiMark, Man Vs. BassEye Surrender EyewearDobyns RodsFish Sense LuresTrash BassToray LineReins Tungsten

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