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Preparing for 2015 – Bryan New

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Bryan New finished the 2014 FLW Tour with a Forrest Wood Cup victory as a Co-Angler. On top of this, he ended up 3rd in Co-Angler of the Year standings. We caught up with him to see how he is preparing for 2015.

FTB: Congrats on the big 2014 season. Tell us, what have you been up to since it ended?

BN: I have been mostly fishing and working. I have mostly been fishing my home lake (Lake Wylie) and local

Bryan New (left) with Troy Lahew after a local tournament.
Bryan New (left) with Troy Lahew after a local tournament.

tournaments with Troy Lahew. We have won three, got second once, and third once. Other than that, I have been preparing myself for my 2015 tournaments.

FTB: What do you do over the offseason to make sure you are ready for next season?

BN: The biggest thing to me is fishing. The more you fish, the better you will be. That is why I try not to take any time off throughout the year. I have also been preparing tackle and equipment by changing hooks, replacing used plastics, organizing, replacing rusty hooks and boxes, and so on. I have also stocked up on new rods and equipment for certain tournaments in the 2015 season. And as always, I am doing what I can to work with my current sponsors and attract new ones.

FTB: How important is preparing and organizing your tackle? How do you do this?

BN: As we have talked about before, maximizing your fishing time is extremely important (click here to see how New maximizes his time on the water). To do that, you need to keep your tackle organized-I use a variety of boxes, bags, and labeling to keep it all in place. For the most part, I use Plano boxes for my hard baits, other types of plastic boxes for my jigs and chatterbaits, which I put in plastic baggies before in the box.

FTB: How do you expect this season to be different than last?

BN: The biggest way this season will differ from last is the fact that I am fishing the FLW Rayovac circuit as a Pro rather than a Co. This will be interesting in the fact that I will be bouncing back and forth from the Rayovac to the Tour and from Pro to Co. I am very excited, but it will cause some organization issues. Also, I am really excited because the Charlie’s Worms prototype worm that I won the Forrest Wood Cup with will be released sometime very soon. I think it will help me tremendously throughout the season.

FTB: What are your goals for the 2015 FLW Tour?

BN: I have set some pretty high goals for myself, which include the following.

  • Qualify for the Rayovac Championship
  • Win COY (Co-Angler of the Year) on the FLW Tour
  • Win the final Co-Angler Forrest Wood Cup. Nobody has ever won back-to-back plus it will be the last one that Co-Anglers fish, so it would be extra meaningful.
A few giants that Bryan caught this offseason.
A few giants that Bryan caught this offseason.


Circuits Fished: FLW Tour, FLW Bass Fishing League, B.A.S.S. Weekend Series, FLW Everstart Series

Years Co: 2 on FLW Tour, 7 total

Favorite Technique: Power fishing shallow, dirty water from the front of the boat. If fishing as a co, offshore schooling fish.

Sponsors: Charlie’s WormsBrian’s BeesThe Rod GloveMcCorkle ConcreteShane’s BaitsStormr, Fitzgerald Rods, Sunline, Tater Hog Custom Lures

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