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Reaching Goals – Patrick Bone

Category : BACK DECK

By: Patrick Bone

575634_518370024867441_1677446285_nOver the past two years, people have asked me “ When are you going to the front?” They are obviously talking about fishing on the pro side of the Tour. This coming 2014 season will be the answer. Fishing as a pro on a tour level has always been my goal. This year I was blessed to have won enough money to give me the opportunity to live my dream.

I would like to share with you the steps that I have taken to get to this point. Most people think I started as a co angler, but that’s not all  true. I started in 2009 on the BFL level but fished as a boater. My goal at that time was to make the All American. I reached that goal that year and also again in 2011. I was thinking at that time “Wow, I have made two All Americans in three years as a boater.” It was then that I set my goals higher.

The year that I started as a co angler on the tour level was 2010 in the FLW Series. I have fished on the Tour as a co angler ever since that time, all while setting goals. In 2012, I moved to the pro side in the Everstart Series. I reached two goals that year as I won a Tour event as a co angler and qualified for the Everstart Championship as a pro. People started asking “ the question” at that time. The truth is that you learn so much as a co angler on the Tour, that I wanted one more year of education. My finances were also a bit short.

I knew it was hard to get sponsor money, so it was obvious that I had to have a lucky break to reach my goals. For the 2013 season, I had decided to fish as a pro in the B.A.S.S. Opens because of the incentive there. Well, on April the sixth I got my lucky break, as I won the Southern Open on Douglas Lake. That win also qualified me to fish in 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

I wanted to share this with you so that co anglers and other fisherman alike can see that it can be done. Set your goals and keep going! If your goal at the start of the day is to catch a limit, that is great. If you want to win, set that goal. The most incredible part about this journey so far is the people that I have met and the friendships I have made with people that share the same passion and same goals.

I am really excited about the 2014 schedule. It is also hard to believe that I get a chance from one goal that was set, and also get to live a childhood dream at the Classic in February. I do have goals set for myself this year and I will do what has worked in the past for me to reach those goals. These things can also help you. Set yours goals and reach them.


Circuits fished: BFL (boater), Everstart (pro), B.A.S.S. Opens (pro), FLW Tour (co)

Years co: 3

Favorite technique: Skipping docks, and squarebills

Hobbies aside from fishing: Playing golf, and outdoor cooking

Sponsors: TheRockerbox.com, Costa Del MarLews ReelsDobyns RodsSeaguarMercury, MotorguidePower PoleTiger Tungsten, Trixter Custom Baits and Power Express Batteries

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