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Steven Meador: Beaver Lake Co Angler Champion

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Steven Meader winner

Steven Meador claimed the first place prize of $25,000 from the third FLW Tour event of the 2013 season on Beaver Lake. He brought in a 3 day weight of 32-10. We got a hold of him to find out what he did.

FTB: Can you tell us about the weather and conditions of the tournament?

Steven: The weather started out nice on day one, sitting at about 60 degrees, but got colder each day. The third day, it was frosty and cold, sitting at 34 degrees in the morning. The water temperature varied a bit in different spots, but ranged from the low 50’s to the high 50’s. I was fishing in clear water the first two days, but was taken to stained water day three.

FTB: So with these conditions, how did you catch your fish and with what lures?

Steven: Fishing the clear water the first 2 days, I relied primarily on a caroling rig. I switched between a Zoom Baby Brush Hog and a finesse worm. I had to make long casts and keep the bait moving on the bottom. Day 3 was a total different area of the lake. It was fairly stained. I caught several on a Carolina rig but did most of my damage on a Bass X jig. I had to move the jig pretty fast since my Pro was cranking and cover a lot of water.

FTB: What did you do differently from your pros?

Steven: I tried to do everything I could to be completely different than my pros. I knew I could not beat them at their own game. I felt with the Carolina rig, I could cover a lot of water and keep that bait in the strike zone much longer than the baits the pros were fishing. The last day, I threw the Carolina rig but the jig seemed to be what they wanted.

FTB: What did you learn from this event?

Steven: I learned the importance of confidence. I can’t tell you how many fish I caught by sticking to my game plan. It is easy to get rattled while you see your pro catch fish while you are not.

FTB: Any tips aside from this tournament for fellow co anglers?

Steven: Don’t try to beat the pro at his own game. He’s up there for a reason and he knows how to catch fish. You almost always have to throw something completely different.

Interesting note: Steven was paired with Ken Golub day one. “My title sponsor is State Farm. My 1st day pro, Ken Golub, is sponsored by Allstate and I had to fish out of an Allstate wrapped boat. Obviously, he found the humor in it as well and that day was probably one of the best days I had ever had in an FLW event. Ken was a super great guy and could catch fish!”

FTB: Thanks Steven for your time. Good luck with the rest of your season!


Circuits Fished: I try to fish 2 FLW Tour events per year

Years Co: 8

Favorite Technique: Cranking

Hobbies away from Fishing: Loves to golf and hunt

Sponsors: State Farm, Arvest Bank and Mortgage Co., Ranger Boats, Mercury, MotorGuide, Hydrowave, Bass X, War EagleSeaguar

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