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Targeting Different Water Columns – Marc Henderson

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Doing things different than the guy in the front is common knowledge among co anglers. We are left to think about, and make these adjustments while on the water. This isn’t always easy to do, and it sometimes involves using a technique that may not be your strongest.

Changing up your presentation and targeting a different water column than your boater can be key. For instance, I fished the BFL at Lake Champlain on August 3rd. I drew a boater who told me his plan was to fish in ten feet of water or less, and that he was gonna throw soft plastics all day. I knew from some friends that this depth wasn’t fishing good at the time, so my plan was to fish the deeper water off the other side of the boat.

In this situation, I decided to throw reaction style baits over the deeper water in order to cover the water that I believed to have the biggest population of fish. All of my fish ended up coming on an OSS Custom Baits DD12 in an orange/brown craw color. It might not have been my best day on the water, but making this adjustment brought me more bites than I feel I would have gotten had I fished the shallower water.

OSS Custom Baits DD12

Bottom line, a lot of boaters get locked in to a certain pattern and certain water column! This can be tough at times, but it can also leave the door open for a good day on the water. Having the ability to recognize what water column will be the most productive on any given day is crucial if you want to become a good co. A lot of factors can go into this: weather, season, time of day, etc. There is no magic answer for what water column to choose, so the only way to get more knowledge on it is simply getting more time on the water and more experience adapting to new situations.

A few examples of how I might switch my presentation up and target a different section of the water are as follows. For instance, if my boater is fishing 6 feet of water and throwing soft plastics in weeds, I might throw a lipless crankbait or topwater over the top of the weeds. If my boater is fishing deep with a jig, drop shot, or other type of bottom-hopping bait, I often choose a reaction bait such as a swimbait, crankbait, or swim jig . These are just a couple of situations, but it’s different every time you are on the water. Sometimes, it is most beneficial to simply fish the water column your boater chooses, but other times, you have to make adjustments. Learn what works best for you, fish your strengths, and make the best of every bite and opportunity you get! Tightlines!


Circuits fished: ABA New England East Division 5, FLW BFL Northeast,

Years co: 1

Favorite technique: Froggin’ and flippin’

Hobbies besides fishing: Hunting

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