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The Importance of Good Netting – Mike Schnupp

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946860_10200868546229307_501828844_nAs a co angler, you have a responsibility of netting your pro’s bass when they need you to. It is important to be experienced and comfortable netting fish, or you could have an awkward day on the water. You don’t want to be known as the guy who cost his pro a keeper, a check, or even a win. I feel the most important thing is to know how your angler prefers his or her fish netted. It is never a bad idea to simply ask him or her if they prefer you to net fish a specific way.

Generally, it is best to slide the net underneath the fish as your pro brings him up from the depths. Never try to “stab” at a fish; that is how you are going to lose your partner fish. Don’t try swiping the net through the water either, as this will cause drag, and you will never catch up with the fish. When a fish jumps, keep the net on the surface of the water and slide it under the airborne fish; again do not stab at it.

Another simple, yet important, thing to do that I feel gets overlooked is to reel up your lure as quickly as possible. My fishing partner lost an $800 rod/reel combo this year because he didn’t reel all the way up and his lure snagged up and his combo slid overboard. Obviously, if your pro hooks a fish close to the boat and you don’t have time to reel up, set your rod down in a safe spot, and net the fish.

This is a topic that isn’t talked about often, but it is extremely important. If you don’t feel comfortable netting fish yet, I recommend bringing a net every time you fish and using it even if it isn’t necessary. This will give you the experience you need, and it will start feeling natural to you!


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