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Theo Corcoran – Forrest Wood Cup Champ

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Theo CorcoranWe got a hold of Theo Corcoran, 2013 Forrest Wood Cup Champion, to talk about his recent success on the Red River in the biggest Co Angler event of the year. Here is what he had to say.

FTB: What were the weather conditions like for the tournament?

TC: It was almost perfect fishing weather. It had been hot, but a cold front moved in, and it was in the 70’s at launch. The highs were around 85-90, and the wind blew a little bit.

FTB: How did you catch your winning bags and with what lures?

TC: All 10 of the fish I weighed came from punching with heavy equipment. I used 65lb braid, a stout flipping stick, and a high speed reel paired up with a Nemesis Baits Bullet Craw (shown below) at the business end. The Bullet Craw is a bait I have confidence in all around the country. It really performed well for me throughout this tournament.


FTB: What did you do different than your pros?

TC: I didn’t really fish much different than my pro, other than the fact that I was using the Bullet Craw and they weren’t. I always tried to punch the heaviest cover I could find. Those were the places that seemed to get the most bites.

FTB: What are your plans for next year? Are you still going to fish as a Co, or do you want to move to the front?

TC: As of right now, I plan to fish the FLW Tour as a co angler again. However, if a company decided to help me out and we had something down on paper, I would love to fish as a pro next year. I do intend to fish the Okeechobee Everstart event as a boater though.

FTB: What did you learn from this event?

TC: Going into this event, I knew I was going to fish a good tournament. I learned just how important confidence really is. I believed I was going to catch a lot of fish, and big fish, and it happened.

FTB: Do you have any other general tips for co anglers?

TC: Don’t fish your pro’s water. Fish for your own fish. Mix it up, and through different lures from your pros, and hit different spots than them. That is going to produce the best for you. If you are trying to fish the exact same as them, it is going to be hard to catch fish.


Circuits fished: FLW Tour (co), FLW Everstart Series (pro)

Years co: 4

Favorite technique: All shallow vegetation fishing

Hobbies aside from fishing: Cooking and working

Sponsors: Nemesis Baits

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