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Turning a “Bad Draw” into a Good Finish – Destin DeMarion

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Destin Demarion1Whether a new Co-Angler or a seasoned veteran, at some point you will hear the phrase, “I had a bad draw.”  It becomes the go-to for many frustrated Co-Angler’s after having a tough day on the water.  However, that mindset can have you beat from the start.  I have heard a lot of people, even myself in the past, use that phrase to sum up a terrible day on the water.  Staying positive and rolling with the punches has taken me awhile to figure out, but has made a world of difference.  You can turn a “bad draw” into a top ten finish regardless of circumstances outside of your control.

For example, your boater’s motor blew up during practice or the first day of the tournament.  For most, the knee jerk reaction will be negative: “I spent all this money for this,” or “How am I supposed to stay in the hunt for the points?”  Truthfully, that would be most of our reactions, but it is only going to hurt you.  Accepting the circumstances for what they are and focusing on what you can do from that point on is what will help turn everything around.  I have been in this situation a couple times and have had respectable finishes, even chances to win, despite being stuck in a small area. The key to turning it around is to stay positive and control every variable you can.  Be sure to prepare the night before, as with any tournament.  Also be sure to check your knots more often, sharpen hooks more frequently, and try to do extra little things to give you that mental edge.  True, you may not have as many opportunities to catch the quantity of fish that you would have, but by paying close attention to even the smallest of details you can capitalize on every bite.  Stay completely focused on what is going on and don’t let thoughts of what can’t be changed creep in and take your focus away.

The luck of the draw is ever-evident in the Co Angler world; but, by stacking everything you can in your favor, you can make your own luck.  Stay positive.  Do not only be a good influence on yourself, but try and keep your boater positive too.  I have been with a lot of boaters that have had “bad” days; but, I have found by encouraging them and trying to refocus them on what is going on, it can have a huge effect on the day as a whole.

I guarantee if you try these tips and focus on a positive attitude, you can turn a “bad draw” into a great finish every time.  Whether it is turning your boater’s day around, or making a top ten with unfavorable circumstances, you can make it happen with the right attitude!  Good luck out there and tightlines!


Circuits Fished: Bassmaster Northern and Southern Opens, Everstarts, BFL Northeast, and Bassmaster Weekend Series

Years Co: 2.5

Favorite Technique: Power fishing with a Frog, Chatterbait, or Swimbait

Hobbies aside from Fishing: Running and Hunting

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