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Two More Big Finishes for Bryan New

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We have been following Bryan New’s season very closely this year, and with great reason. He is on a hot streak like no other Co Angler today. We talked to him after Sam Rayburn, where he finished 7th. He has fished two tournaments since, and placed 3rd in both. Find out how he placed how he did in this week’s interview…

FTB: Bryan, you have recently added two more 3rds to your fishing resume, the first coming at Beaver Lake on the FLW Tour. Tell us a little about how Beaver was, and what you did to catch them.

BN: Practice was slow; my expectations of a finesse bite were looking to hold true. For this tournament, getting as many bites as I could was my goal. On day 1, I threw a Charlie’s Worms Zipper Dipper rigged on a 3/8oz swimbait head and a jerkbait. On day 2, my biggest fish came on a Charlie’s Worms Shaky Head rigged up with a Watermelon Seed Finesse Worm. I used the same Zipper Dipper to catch my others. Day 3 was a grind, but the same baits as day 2 paid off.

FTB: After Beaver, you went to Guntersville for the FLW Rayovac Series, where you finished 3rd again. Tell us a little about Guntersville and what you did to catch fish there.

BN: Again, practice was tough until the last day, when I caught a few good ones on a texas-rigged Charlie’s Worms Brush Buster with a 3/8oz weight. Because my Pro’s fished shallower transition areas, I decided to stick with that bait throughout days 1 and 2, and it was a good call because I had good limits both days. On day 3, my Pro fished bridges, so I threw a Charlie’s Worms Zipper Dipper on a 1/2oz swimbait head, as well as my Brush Buster again. Towards the end of the day, I was looking to get bigger bites, so I threw a Shane’s Baits Mini Blades of Glory paired up with some more Zipper Dippers

FTB: Beaver to Guntersville is a pretty big change of pace. How did you make adjustments between these tournaments to ensure continued success?

BN: When I got back from Beaver, I spent the week reorganizing and figuring out what all I needed to bring. Because patterns were going to be similar but on a bigger-fish lake, I basically beefed up my equipment.

FTB: Have you been fishing differently than your Pro’s? If so, what have you been doing?

BN: I tried to fish slower than my Pro’s. A lot of them were throwing moving baits, so I slowed down and used more subtle presentations. Generally, a more subtle bait will draw more strikes. I also used Charlie’s Worms soft plastics, which seemed to make a huge difference. At times, my Pro and I would be throwing the exact same style bait, but mine would outperform his.

FTB: Next stop is Pickwick Lake for another FLW Tour event. What are you doing to prepare for this event?

BN: I plan to do a lot of online studies and research. I am also extremely excited to use a new bait we are working on at Shane’s Baits. It should be a great choice for Pickwick. Check back with my Facebook page and the Shane’s Baits website from time to time to see when they come out. We are currently trying to make sure they are 100% perfect before we release them to the public.

FTB: What advice do you have for Co Anglers with a lot of variety in their tournament schedule?

BN: Keep an open mind, don’t get too keyed in on one idea. For example, if you are going down a bank with a crankbait and you see a piece of cover that a jig would work well in, don’t be scared to make one or two casts with your jig and go back to your crankbait. The number 1 piece of advice I have, however, is to know your place. Respect your Pro’s and it will pay off in the end.

FTB: Great job as usual, and good luck with the rest of the season!


Circuits Fished: FLW Tour, FLW Bass Fishing League, B.A.S.S. Weekend Series, FLW Rayovac Series

Years Co: 2 on FLW Tour, 7 total

Favorite Technique: Power fishing shallow, dirty water from the front of the boat. If fishing as a co, offshore schooling fish.

Sponsors: Charlie’s Worms, Brian’s Bees, The Rod Glove, McCorkle Concrete, Shane’s Baits, Stormr

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