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Versatility and Confidence – Michael May

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Michael MayMichael May recently won an FLW Bass Fishing Leauge event on the Barren River in Scottsville, KY. After getting a hold of him, not only did he tell us how he won it, he gave some very beneficial tips for any co angler.

Versatility is one huge factor to becoming a great co angler. One of the keys to being versatile is to not only be able to throw most any bait out there, but to actually have confidence in that bait. If I’m fishing behind someone that is throwing a jig, I might stick with something that I know is going to generate bites such as a shaky head. At the same time, it may also be beneficial to throw something larger than my boater depending on the lake, time of year, etc. It is important to research before fishing a tournament, as well as get a lot of time on the water. After doing this, it is easier to make decisions on the water.

None of the previous tactics and strategies are effective without time on the water and experience in general. The more time you spend on the water, the more variables and conditions you are exposed to. The more adverse conditions and scenarios that you’ve been exposed to, the more it helps you to keep a mental bank of what worked on that day that might help clue you on to the bite on a future day on the water when you might be struggling.

Another good tactic is to simply keep a positive mindset. It’s well known that you perform better when you believe that you will perform well, keeping a positive attitude is a big part of building and keeping momentum while on the water.


Circuits Fished: FLW Bass Fishing League, FLW Everstarts

Years Co: 6

Favorite Technique: Power fishing and swimbaits

Hobbies Aside from Fishing: Bowhunting, Four-Wheeling

Sponsors: Backwater Outfitters

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