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Words of Wisdom from FLW Tour Co Robert Hicks

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An open mind and a closed mouth… This is what helps me out of the back of the boat. I have been blessed to have several mentors in this sport. When I decided to fish as a Co, I sat down with a good friend Ott Defoe and picked his brain on what he expected out of his co anglers. I also got and continue to get much needed advice from my practice and travel partner Mark Rose. The biggest thing I have learned from these guys is that you are not competing with the pros, just the other co anglers. Respect their water, and they will respect you. Guys and gals, the pro in the boat could care less about your big catch last week in your local derby, your new boat, or what you have done in the past! What they care about is catching fish and making a living. When my pro pulls up on a spot I usually give him a few casts before I cast to make sure I am not in his way. I never, and I mean never, throw towards the front of the boat!

For example, I drew Jim Tutt on the Potomac last year and he kept telling me to throw my bait up where he was throwing but I couldn’t make myself do it. It is a part of the respect you must have towards your pro in order to succeed.

I have been blessed to draw some of the best boaters in the sport and try to fish them the way I would want my co angler to fish me. When I say open mind and closed mouth, I have found out that if you will keep your mouth closed and pay attention to your pro, sometime during the day they will repay you with a chance to catch fish. I am proud to call myself “one of them Georgia boys that pros say will always fish you clean.” I am referring to Patrick Bone, Nick Hensley, and Jason Johnson. I once drew a friend of Scott Canterbury, and that was his comment, “them Georgia boys will fish you clean.” If you look at our stats and winnings, I believe they speak for themselves.

When Ethan asked me to write an article, I was honored and scared. I am not the most talented bass fisherman in the world but I do have an open mind! I always want to win out of the back of the boat, but also want to keep the respect of my pro partners. Paying attention to your pros and treating them with respect will bring you more success. I want to thank several people that have helped me so much in the last 2 years, including Mark Rose, Jay Yelas, Greg Bohannon, Cliff Pirch, Scott Canterbury and Ott Defoe.  Phill 4:13 is my favorite verse and I thank God I am able to do something I love to do. Remember co’s, open mind and closed mouth and I wish you success from the back deck as well! Rob Hicks



Circuits Fished: FLW Tour, FLW Everstart Series, FLW Bass Fishing League

Years Co: 2.5 years

Favorite Techniques: Flipping, Football Jigs

Hobbies away from fishing: Deer Hunting, Spending time with grandchildren

Sponsors: Strike King Lure Company, Lucas Oil, Seaguar, Lews Reels, Dobyns Rods, Typhoon Optics, Hayes Chevrolet, Tiger Tungsten

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