Rusty Brown 2013 US Open Winner

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2013 US Open Champion Rusty Brown interview



Rusty Brown – 2013 US Open Champion & Professional Bass Angler

Zak Elrite with Bass Angler Headquarters was able to catch up with the 2013 WON Bass US Open winner, Rusty Brown, and ask him a few questions about his love affair with Lake Mead and his winning techniques. I met Rusty at the Open and was immediately aware of the good-natured man I was able to speak with. I can assure you that Rusty has the dedication and has put in the hours it takes to win such a prestigious event. Here’s what he had to say;

Zak: When did you first fish Lake Mead?

Rusty: I began fishing Lake Mead in 1997 and immediately fell in love with the lake. The water was high and the fish were fat! From then I began fishing several team trails including WON Bass, ABA and local team trails.

How many times have you fished the US Open?

I fished my first US Open at the age of 20, back in 1999. I then fished the Open for 8 consecutive years. After taking a couple of years off, I came back and began competing again and am so grateful to have won my 12th US Open!

How much practice time did you have for this event?

I limited myself to four practice days prior to the event, Tuesday through Friday. I feel like I’ve gotten to know the lake fairly well and I didn’t want to over-practice and complicate my strategy. I really just had to nail down a couple of patterns and make sure that the areas I planned on fishing were holding fish.

What were your winning techniques, baits and what areas or types of structure did you fish?

My main pattern was fishing white Proline spinnerbaits through grass flats in Gregg’s Basin.  I would even go so far as to polish the double willow leaf nickel blades after each day of the event. They had to shine! I also fished the Reaction Innovations Vixen and Rapala Skitter Walk topwater baits over the top of the same grass flats. The topwater bite wasn’t as hot as it normally is at Lake Mead for this time of year but the Skitter Walk and Vixen got the bites I needed. Thirdly, I worked the flats with the new Storm Arashi Silent 3 squarebill crankbait. I am an “old school” fisherman when it comes to the type of line I use. Flouorcarbon and braid have their place but I love monofilament. I fished 12lb Maxima monofilament in ultra green for all of my baits! The Maxima mono could hold up to the mussel-infested waters and that was the key for me.

What advice would you give anyone aspiring to win this event?

Consistency is key! To be successful out on Mead, you’ve got to find and manage your fish appropriately. Once you find the right pockets of fish, you have to be careful to not over-practice or over fish it in the event. I was honored to be right there among the top ten and also honored to fish with all three of my co-anglers.

What’s next on your schedule?

Oh, wow, I’m not too sure(chuckling). I know I’ll be fishing a championship event on Mead before the end of the year and I’ll be fishing the FLW Everstart series in 2014. I am also booked solid for the next couple of months with guide trips, which were booked even before the event. I will definitely be focusing on guiding and teaching folks more about the sport. I will be keeping a full schedule with sponsors events and radio shows, which I’m so thankful for.

Where can we find your guide service information and social media page?

I have a website at and am on Facebook at Rusty Brown’s Pro Bass Fishing Guide Service. I’m always ready and willing to talk to people about the sport and bring new anglers into bass fishing.

The 31st annual US Open was a great event and it was a great pleasure to speak with Rusty. He is truly a humble angler and he had only the best to say about ALL the competitors in the event. Rusty guides at a plethora of Southern California lakes so visit his website for more information, Or call him at (714) 273-0036.

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