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Mark Lassagne – Professional Bass Angler Website


Marine Bass Angler – Mark Lassagne, from San Ramon, California is a popular pro bass angler, writer, guide, promoter and top competitor. In addition Mark is the editor-in-chief of Bass Angler Magazine
In his career he has qualified for the: Bassmaster tour, West Coast Bass Classic (4), FLW Stren Championship (3), Redman Regional (3) and 10 team championships. Mark has competed in approximately 200 events cashing a check in about 100 of those events.

Career highlights include competing in BASS and FLW circuits, winning several events including the team USA Black Bass World Championship in Mexico. Mark has worked with a host of celebrities including professional ball players, musicians, actors along with many pro anglers including: Kevin Van Dam, Jason Williamson, Fred Roumbanis, Alton Jones, Ken Brodeur, Ish Monroe, Stacey King and others.

Visit marklassagne.com and check it our for yourself.


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