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Takahiro Omori – BASSMASTER Elite Pro Angler Website REDESIGN



We originally designed a new website for Takahiro Omori back 2014. 2017 is time for a redesign!,.. Mobile responsive and the home page features a social feed from his Facebook fan page.

Takahiro ~ I was born in Tokyo, Japan and when I was very young my family moved to the countryside. My father used to take me saltwater fishing all the time. I caught my first bass at a small pond with my friends when I was 9 years old.

I heard that bass originally came from the U.S., as well as most of the techniques and popular lures. Bass fishing was very different from the type of fishing that I did with my father.

Using a lure to catch bass is very challenging. My friends and I would ride bicycles and fish almost every weekend at a small pond near my house. I did this until I graduated from junior high school. I played many different sports throughout school including Kendo (Japanese martial arts). I played Kendo 9 years and won several competitions but I always liked fishing and wanted to stay in touch with mother nature.

Over the years I have seen many people come and go in this sport and many things has changed. Twenty years ago, I never thought Japan would produce bass bigger than Texas. The cost of today’s highest level of bass tournaments is so expensive. I see quality lures made in Japan like Lucky Craft. The four-stroke Yamaha SHO engine runs better than any 2 stroke engine out there. No matter what changes there are, I never want to lose that excitement and fun I felt the day I caught my first bass. Alongside with my personal life, I’d like to continue to improve myself and try to become a better bass angler everyday.

Competitive bass fishing is my passion for life and I’d like to share some of this to my friends as much as I can..

Visit takahiroomori.com and check it our for yourself.

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