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Zeth Kinnett – Bass Tournament Angler Website



Zeth Kinnett – My fishing career started like most others fishing with my father as a young child.  My first fish was a trout out of the stream down the road from my grandmothers house. I must have been 4 at the time.

I consider myself an angler of a different breed.  All too often is the fishing industry plagued with issues which damage our environment including our fisheries. I consider myself a sensitive person and sensitive to these critical issues. In my personal life I strive to do my part in keeping my impact low by staying healthy mentally and physically which inspires my actions in life to come from a place of positive intent.  A few ways I do this is by always practicing catch and release and choosing to eat a plant-based diet as factory farming is one of the most detrimental industries on the face of this planet. I realize we can’t completely avoid making an impact in this life but we can put in effort to reduce our footprint for future generations.

Visit zethkinnettfishing.com and check it our for yourself.

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