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Having your Bass boat Prepared and Organized


Glenn Walker A characteristic of mine that sticks with me through everything I do is being very organized and this couldn’t be truer than when it comes to how I keep my Ranger Z119 looking, especially at the start of the season.

Here is a photographic look at how I organize and more importantly why I keep things the way I do in my boat.


At the bow this year, I’ll be running the new 112 lb. thrust Minn Kota Fortrex, with a Humminbird 360 unit.  I’m a big proponent of keeping the wires out-of-the-way, this eliminates clutter and tripping on things.


My port side rod locker is where I keep all of my Wright & McGill rod/reel combos, to keep this box tangle free and filled with rods, I use Rod Gloves.


The center compartment is the tackle center and last year I began using the thin series of Plano Stowaways (3701 & 3601), reason is I can fit more cases into my boat, thus keeping my tackle organized, but still keep the weight down by not putting as many pieces of plastic, crankbaits in those cases.


Here is a close look at the new deep size Plano Waterproof Stowaway.  Using the case has allowed me to keep a wide variety of cranks in the boat for prefishing, while cutting down on having multiple cases.


They may not take up a lot of space, but not having as many fishing related tools in the boat cuts down on clutter as well.  The new Splizzors from Buck Knives is a scissors and pliers all in one and its ability to cut braided line is like none other.


The starboard side rod locker has my first aid kit, Simms Rain Gear, Frabill net and this year I put an open Tupperware and basket, this is where I’ll toss the baits I cut off throughout the day and put the key baits I’ll need on tournament day.


The console area has an in-dash 858 Humminbird unit and a 1199SI unit is on a Ram mount.  I again here keep the cords bundled and out-of-the-way.


Behind my co-anglers is housed my spare prop, tools for the boat, culling gear and a Waterproof Plano gear box, this is where my keys, wallet, and the phone goes during the day.


During tournament days, the box behind my seat will be empty for my co-angler, but right now it has an extra life jacket and some additional tackle.

As you can see, each compartment in my boat is packed with a specific purpose in mind.  Throughout the season things will get out-of-place, but every so often I’ll revamp and make sure things are in place.

Glenn has been fishing tournaments for over ten years, spreading his passion and knowledge of the sport via articles and videos. He keeps busy fishing events across Minnesota and on the Mississippi River. Glenn’s sponsors include: Bass Boat Technologies, Ducky Products, Humminbird, Mercury Marine, Minn Kota, Plano, Rayjus, Seaguar, Simms, Snag Proof, The Rod Glove, TroKar, War Eagle Custom Lures, Witch Doctor Tackle, Wright & McGill and Zoom Baits. For more information check out glennwalkerfishing.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/glennwalkerfishing.

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