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Cal Delta Bass Fishing Report – June 2014 – Aaron LeSieur


Conditions: Air temp 95 degrees, wind 5-7mph, water clarity 1-4ft and water temps 74-78 degrees. Tidal flow: Saturday (low incoming) Sunday (high outgoing)

Aaron-LeSieur-June2014-Cal-Delta-Bass-Fishing-Report-03Aidan and I just got back from fishing the Future Pro Tour Central Division Delta Shoot Out where we took 2nd place out of 78 teams. The California Delta Shoot Out was a two-day event launching out of Ladds in Stockton which featured an alternating tide pattern format. On Saturday we launched at 1p and weighed in at 7p and on Sunday we launched at 6a and weighed in at 12p. We fished two weeks prior on Saturday for the Northern Division Shoot out (a one day event) and the bite/conditions were nearly identical. The bite was definitely not wide open and we worked hard to get five keepers each day. As a matter of fact we only caught 12 fish total but they just happened to be the right fish to put us at the top.

From past experience, I knew during this time of the year the fish would be in a post spawn pattern and beginning to settle in their summer patterns.  Our game plan was to target spawning flats next to deep water with current that also contained sparse weed beds. I threw top water all day trying to entice the big bite while Aidan mixed it up with various baits in order to pick up as many keepers as possible.

Aaron-LeSieur-June2014-Cal-Delta-Bass-Fishing-Report-05All of our biggest fish came off a River2Sea Whopper Plopper in Pizz Customs Bone paired with a Dobyns 735C and a Abu Revo STX with 65lb Power Pro Super Slick8. Aidan used the Dobyns 638SF to throw a 6 inch Senko (watermelon/black flake), Damiki 3/8oz MTS spinnerbait (green pumpkin), and Damiki 3/8oz MTB buzzbait (natural shad).

The smaller fish we caught were in the 1-3 foot range with our better fish coming out of 5-8 foot range. We covered a lot of water and rotated through our best spots both days trying to get the timing right. The key was patience. We would fish for what seemed like hours without a bite and then get one or two and then it would get slow again. We just kept our heads down and fished hard knowing we were throwing the right baits and in the right areas.

At the awards ceremony we got to hear what the other teams in the top 12 were using to catch their fish and like usual there were multiple patterns going on out there. Teams were catching fish punching mats, throwing spinnerbaits in the grass on rock walls, throwing Senkos in sparse tules, using frogs and chatterbaits. If you are planning on fishing the Delta in the next few weeks just pick a technique or two that you like, stick with it, be patient and cover a lot of water.

Until next time stay focused, fish hard and I’ll see you on the water.

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