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Finesse Fishing in Japan with Toray


Japan’s Fine Line to Finesse Fishing

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On a typical weekend at one of the more popular Japanese fishing lakes near Mt. Fuji, you can often find the banks lined with bass anglers. Sometimes even elbow to elbow. There are five major lakes that neighbor Mt. Fuji and they are all within a relatively easy drive from the metropolitan areas of Tokyo and Yokohama, which 12.5 million people call home. These five lakes are called Fuji-Goko and were formed by previous eruptions of Mt. Fuji. Lake Kawaguchi is the most famous of these 5 lakes and is often used in commercials and posters promoting tourism for Mt. Fuji. Lake Kawaguchi is also used as a host lake for a Japan Bass (JB) Top 50 tournament each season. Because of the highly pressured waters, tournament anglers who dominate are very successful at finesse fishing. The line they choose and how they use it plays an integral part in their success. Most anglers, myself included, believe that the rods, reels, and lures are the most important aspect of finesse fishing; however, it is the line that ties them all together.

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