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Sacramento River Smallmouth Fishing Report



Conditions:   Air temp 95 degrees, wind 5-7mph, water clarity 1-2ft and water temps 65-68 degrees. Tidal flow: 2 hours of outgoing, slack and 4 hours of incoming.

Aidan and I just got back from a Saturday turkey shoot targeting Smallmouth Bass out on the Sacramento River and I wanted to give a quick fishing report. We launched out of Viera’s Resort on Steamboat slough at 6am and fished until 2pm. We caught a lot of small fish throughout the day (even two keeper stripers and one nice largemouth) and worked hard to get five keepers that weighed 7.2lbs. We didn’t travel far (just up to Walnut Grove) since I was not very familiar with the area. We caught all of our fish on a Damiki DC200 in Delta Craw (a custom color by Pizz Customs). Aidan threw the DC200 on a Dobyns 683SF, since he is not proficient with a baitcaster yet, and I was using the Dobyns 704CB. Both set ups had 20lb. braid with no leader. The better fish were in the 8-12 foot range and were on rocky current breaks, drop offs and river fork points. When we got a bite we stayed on the spot and made repeated casts; on most spots we were able to get multiple bites as the fish would school up in these areas. We did get a lot of bites on north walls with rocks and submerged grass. When doing this, put the trolling motor on medium, make a lot of casts and cover a lot of water if you want to catch keepers because the short fish bite was plentiful.

My live well was full of craw pieces and a couple of whole ones too, so I knew we were throwing the right baits. The team that won the tournament was doing the exact same thing as us but was able to find more current break areas (wing dams) and was able to cull out some of their smaller fish which enabled them to take the win.

Until next time, stay focused, fish hard and I’ll see you on the water.

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