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8.25lbr! California Delta Fishing Springtime report


California Delta Fishing Report from – 3/17/2013

Launched out of Paradise with my buddy Rene Labrado just before sunrise.  The water temps ranged from 57 to 62 degrees and the water ranged from brown to green with 1′ – 2′ visibility.  It was a beautiful early spring day with temps starting out in the mid 40’s and warming to about 70.  Winds slowly built to 10 – 15 mph out of the northwest.  High tide was around 10am.

We fished Disappointment early, both on weedy flats and rock/tulle banks.  We threw cranks, chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, buzzbaits and senkos with just one chunky senko fish to show for it.  We then headed to some more sheltered sloughs, continuing to throw the same selection of lures.  I caught an 8.25 pounder on a 6” senko just before high tide on an outside weedline.  I was fishing braid with a 10 lb test leader so it was a fun fight.  Otherwise, we had only a few bites.  We headed to Whites and Little Potato and picked up a couple more fish and had a couple more bites on senkos.  Also started throwing a drop-shot on light line as the tide went out just to find some fish, but no takers.

For numbers, it was a tough day with the fish ignoring everything except senkos.  But any day you catch an 8lb plus is a GREAT day on the water!

John Bowles

John_BowlesDelta 8.25 - 3-17-13
California Delta 8.25 pounder on a 6” senko