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Bullards Bar Magnum 9.48lb Spotted Bass



Aaron Britt – Bullards Bar Report…

I managed to make it out to the legendary Bullards Bar Reservoir for a few days of fishing this week. I went out on Wednesday with good buddy and FLW Pro Mike Wright for a day of fun fishing. We have been hearing the bite has been incredible, so we went out to see what all the hype was about.

We were on the water at sun up and began throwing BIG baits and reaction looking for giant early morning bite. It never happened,.. The spinning rods were soon in our hands as we were in hot pursuit of that giant Bullards Bar spot!!  Mike landed the first giant of the day as it went 7.4 lbs, he caught the fish on a nail weighted senko in the 301 color.

We started catching fish, but MOST were very small. We then found an area that produced basically the rest of our 25+ lb limit, including a 6.3, 5.4, and a few 4lbers. Except for the first fish caught on a senko, everything was caught on a drop shot paired with a morning dawn 6in robo worm from 15-30ft of water.

I believe that the giant spotted bass in this particular lake will generally live deeper regardless of the time of year due to the abundance of kokanee that swim this lake. I SELDOM fish shallower than 15ft on Bullards.

Again, we finished the day with approximately a little over 25+ lbs. I had so much fun fishing that day that I took my Dad out the following morning again, in search for that GIANT that we know lives in there,.. AND WE FOUND HER!!! At about 10am, I picked up my 702 IROD, paired with 10lb Seaguar Tatsu fluorocarbon line and pitched my dropshot in about 30ft of water off of a tapering point. About half way back to the boat the rod loaded up, and I swung. It was her!!!! About 7 minutes later I was kneeling over the boat and lipped a 9.48lb monster!!!! By far the biggest spotted bass I have caught, and it was a great start to the morning!!!

Unfortunately, about an hour later while running down the lake we hit a slightly submerged tree under water and did some damage to the lower end and were forced off the water way earlier than we anticipated.

All in all, the 2 days were incredible while we had just over 25lbs the first day, and a new personal best the 2nd day. We concentrated on areas that either A) Had moving water B) Long tapering points with deeper water near, and C) Areas where I felt they would have to travel through before they spawned

I hope this information can help, it’s a wonderful fishery and it’s that way because people CATCH AND RELEASE!! Please take care of your fish there, and make sure they are released properly if you want this place to continue to produce the way it has been, and hopefully very, very soon the world record will be caught.

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