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California Delta Bass Fishing Report April 16, 2013

NICE one on the D&M Piranha Swim Jig
NICE one on the D&M Piranha Swim Jig

Conditions: Air temps approx. 67deg. Water temps 60deg-62deg. Wind gusts 20-30mph, fished the high to outgoing tide from approximately 11:30am-4:00pm.

I went out on the California Delta today to meet up with Steve Adams from Bass Angler Headquarters & BHQ pro Aaron LeSieur for a couple of hours of fishing, photos & hopefully video. But with the wind blowing like it was, video was pretty much out. So we headed to some areas to get away from the wind.

The best possible chance to find and catch some fish was to find protected areas in slack water but near, or close to, moving water. We did mange a few smaller fish but our best five Bass for the day went approximately 14-15lbs, with a 4.5lb kicker.

Most of the fish were caught on three baits; The bigger fish were caught on a drop shot rig on a Dobyns Savvy 663 with 10lb Seagar InvisX, Skinny Bear drop shot hooks, River2Sea Skinny Drop tungsten Drop shot weight and Robo worms in Folkstead Special. With the staging fish not yet locked onto beds, the high winds and chilly air temps, the drop shot is a great way to catch these fish on the flats in depths ranging from 4’-12’.

I also caught two fish in the 3lb class while punching green mats in 4’ of water. For this setup I used a Dobyns Savvy 766Flip rigged with 65lb Power Pro, a 1oz River2Sea Trash Bomb, A Gamagatsu Punch Hook and a 4.20Sweet Beaver in White. The fish are there to be caught but you have to put it right in front of their faces.

Through out the day I did get a couple of fish on the a D&M Piranha Swim Jig in White with a white Zoom trailer.

Remember that when the conditions get tough, go back to basics and do what the weather dictates. Today we HAD to find protected areas or risk being blown into the bank. The fish don’t want to fight that battle during this time of year either. Good luck on your next trip and get ready for the spawn.

For more info, tips and techniques be sure to always check out Bass Angler Headquarters! Also visit Coyotebait.com for all the baits and products we used today!

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