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Delta Fishing Report


On Wednesday August 1st, I met up with my good buddy and Professional Bass Angler, Kevin Stewart for a fun day of fishing on the California Delta.

I was supposed to meet Kevin at his shop at 4:30am in Elk Grove, but I was woken up with the sound of a text on my cell phone at 4:35am from Kevin. BIG Oops! He said “no problem, I’ve been late before, meet me at the ramp.”

(Unfortunately for me I had decided the night before to move my alarm clock. I was so careful to double-check the time, set the alarm, etc. BUT! I forgot to turn the alarm on!)

D&M Custom Baits Piranha Swim Jig

Anyways, as it turned out I was only about 30 minutes behind Kevin. He had already launched out of Pirates Lair ramp on the Mokelumne River and put 3 fish in the boat by the time I arrived. We fished around Potato Slough and the middle delta area with the high outgoing tide. Then we ran a little ways down south for a few, then east, and ended back in the Mokelumne River area around 2pm. The water temperature was 72 to 75, weather 60 to 95, and mild wind.

D&M Custom Baits Piranha Swim Jig

Fishing was not wide open by any means, but we caught fish all day with our best 5 going around 15lbs. In the morning we started throwing top water baits on rip-rap walls in 2-8ft of water next to sparse reeds and large flats, as well as fishing top water throughout the day. Although most of our fish were caught on D&M Custom Baits Piranha Swim Jig and the NEW Gar Swim Jig.
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Kevin caught the quality fish that day but I did manage a few small keepers and a bunch of “dinks”. Whenever I have an opportunity to fish with guys like Kevin as a Co-Angler, I always look for ways to catch fish behind them, trying several color/size variations on what he may be using or different techniques all together. Rather than just tying on the EXACT bait he may be catching fish on. In a tournament practice situation this can be helpful for the “Pro” in possibly identifying other ways fish can be caught.

Until the next report or I see ya on the water, get out from behind the computer and go fishing!

I will be posting fishing reports as often as possible.

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