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Lake Amistad Bass Fishing Report – Brian Ankrum


Brian Ankrum reports from Lake Amistad – Fishing has been extremely tough as of the last month on Lake Amistad. A rise in the water level as well as a stained water have contributed to this in my opinion. The majority of the bass seem to be suspended over 20-60 feet of water.  Fish are catchable, but the bites are few and far between and I had to really work hard to get them.

Dates fished: November 18-19

Water Temp: 67 degrees becoming closer to 70 degrees during the day.

Weather Conditions: Sunny with some overcast conditions.  Day two the wind really blew but it only seemed to hurt the bite.

I was able to catch them when I found grass flats with sparse flooded brush that had a channel nearby. The grass has really began to recede with the water temps dropping, so finding this grass was a difficult challenge. I caught them by swimming a 5” swimbait slowly over the grass, with a 1/8 oz. belly weighed hook.  It seems like if I can find any grass with flood brush scattered through it, the bass are more willing to bite.  The deep bite is non-existent for me.  As the cooling trend continues, this bite will become the major player on Amistad’s vast creek and river channel ledges.

The gear I used for this technique was an iRod Air 703C with a Lew’s Tournament Pro Speed Spool 7.1:1 casting reel,  15 lb. Berkley Trilene 100% fluorocarbon, Keitech Swing Impact 4.8” Fat in Tennessee shad, and an 1/8 oz. Owner belly weight swimbait hook 4/0 with centering pin.

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