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Lake Amistad Bass Fishing Report

Lake Amistad FLW Bass Fishing Tournament

I was finally able to make it down to Lake Amistad, a place that I have always dreamed of fishing. I was there January 20-25 for the FLW Everstart Central tournament.

The bite was fairly tough, there had been cold fronts that came through the week before we got there and the fish were kind of in an in between phase. I was able to locate an area in practice that seemed to be loaded with fish. I expanded my pattern in that area, and ended up primarily fishing the ledges of the creek channels that drained from this area.

Brian-Ankrum-BaitsWhat I targeted were variations on the ledge, such as steeper drops or slight bends that could hold fish. I would also fish down each ledge, and locate rock piles that I would mark as a way point on the GPS. Anywhere along the ledge where there was a change seemed to hold fish that were willing to eat. I also liked points where the creek channel would merge with the main river channel. I was fishing depths from 20 to 60 feet of water throwing a 1 ounce Pepper Custom Baits football jig with a Gilley Girl skirt. The trailer I used was an Eversoft Custom Baits crawdad in Green Pumpkin/Watermelon laminate with red flake. I also would throw the full-sized Zoom Brush hog in Green Pumpkin with red flake on a Carolina rig. I weighted the rig heavy to get down to those depths faster, so at least ¾ ounce tungsten barrel weight was my choice. I like tungsten on my Carolina rigs because it has much better feel of the bottom, and creates a natural fleeing craw sound when it contacts the glass bead in front of it.

Brian-Ankrum-Lake-AmistadIt was a great experience to get down there and learn some of the creek ledges there. The big ones never showed in the tournament, but I still got plenty of bites out deep. The weather was a factor, with it warming to 80 degrees and water temps nearing 60 degrees, the larger bass made a move toward the shore in preparation to spawn. If you get a chance to go down there during winter months, or even later in the spring and into summer, get out on the ledges and I can assure you that the bass will be there and willing to bite!