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Lake Berryessa Early Spring Bass Fishing Report



Matt Harvey

Conditions: Rainy with temperatures in the 60’s. Winds of 10-20 mph.

Bass Fishing Report: Saturday wasn’t just a day of fishing for Tanner Sleek and myself, as it was the season opener for the Future Pro Tour 2014 season. I will go into some detail as to what worked for us during the tournament and where the fish were located that we found.

We launched out of Pleasure cove marina and drove to Buckley cove where we had practiced a few days prior and very good success. Our success came from throwing rip baits up shallow and drop shotting trees.

With that being said the success with the rip baits came from a long pause between jerks. Most bites we had came during the pause or right after the last jerk. We both used the new Live Target bait ball series rip bait and found that it had worked well in the silver fish pattern. I paired that up with a Denali Rods Michael Murphy signature series jerk bait rod and 12 pound fluorocarbon line.

The drop shot bite right now is absolutely crazy. If you plan to drop shot try to find some trees and drop shot near those to start. In Buckley cove there are some trees that we were able to catch over 15 fish on ranging from 2-7 pounds. You can also find a lot of trees in Putah creek that are holding the same size fish. The key for us was a 4″ straight tail Robo Worm in morning dawn color. I was also able to get fish to bite on a Stucan Soft Plastics Finesse worm in motor oil color. For drop shot I prefer a Denali rods Jadewood series drop shot rod. The drop shot bite is also good on any main lake points. We positioned the boat in as shallow water as we could. One of us fished deeper water while the other fished shallow and we were both able to get good bites.

By the end of the day we had caught over 25 fish and had a limit weight of 16.49 which landed us a decent finish.

Keep informed on what I am doing with my fishing career on my website and stay tuned for an article series of my development as a young tournament angler.

Matt Harvey

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