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Lake Berryessa Springtime Bass Fishing Report


With the official start of spring just under a week a way, I headed to Lake Berryessa with my uncle for a little pre-spring fishing.

Lake Berryessa Conditions:

The morning started off with a slight chill in the mid 40’s and just a hint of wind.  While the wind remained calm, the air temperature reached into the 70’s later in the day.  The sky had a light overcast that persisted throughout the day.

Water temperature began at 53 degrees and peaked at 59 with extreme water clarity to 15 feet in some areas.

How We Caught Them:

Mark-Fong-Berressa-March2013I started the morning throwing a jerk bait but had no success.  Once we switched over to finesse plastics we began to catch fish.  My uncle put the first fish, a beautiful smallmouth, in the boat on a drop shot 4” shad colored worm.

We targeted points and subtle cuts in 5 to 20 feet.  While my uncle stayed with his drop shot worm, I caught the majority of my fish on two different baits:  a Watermelon Yamamoto Tube rigged with an 1/8 oz internal jig head  and a 4” hand poured Rainbow Worms Morning Dawn UFO rigged on a 1/8 oz darter head.

It was a beautiful day on picturesque Lake Berryessa.  We ended the day with a nice mix of largemouth, spots and smallies.