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Lake Berryessa Winter Bass Fishing Report


January 2013, BHQ just past it’s one year mark and work being so busy lately, I’ve had little or no time for fishing. Well, the other day my buddy Ron Howe from RB Bass gave me a call and said; “Hey I’m heading up to Berryessa on Saturday to get the boat on the water and do some fun fishing. Ya wanna go?” I did hesitate for about 2 seconds; (I had been battling a cold for the last few days) What the heck, good for the mental state to just get out on the water and fish! So off we went O’dark thirty Saturday morning.

Lake Berryessa conditions:

Visually the lake is pretty close to full and rising with the water level at 430.64 feet msl or 9.36 feet below Glory Hole spillway – a 1 inch rise this week despite no rain since January 6.

Water Temps 48°-52°.
Water in the areas we fished had great color, a little stained.

Outside air temp when we arrived was pretty cold, 30° with little or NO wind. By mid day though it was a comfortable 60° and still little or no wind with blue bird skys,.. Actually beautiful day on the water and pretty good winter Bass fishing.

How we caught them:

We covered some water in the morning fishing shallow with rip baits but had no luck and saw nothing on the graphs. We quickly put down the reaction baits and went point to point throughout the day fishing from 18′-30′ deep for our best success. 1/8oz – 1/2oz shaky head/darter head worms in natural colors seemed to work best.

We also had some success with lighter jigs; I was fishing the 3/8oz D&M Pro Model Arkie jig in Brown & Purple with a pumpkin double tail trailer. Ron was field testing some Freedom Tackle Hybrid Rouge jig heads tipped with Berkley Havoc Duece trailers. Just simply dragging the jigs real slow seemed to produce the only bites. The bites were almost undetectable if you weren’t paying attention,.. Tick! watch your line as the fish will swim away with your bait.

When it did warm up a bit and with a slight breeze, we thought we’d give the reaction stuff another try. We moved up shallow and again covered some water. I was alternating between small shallow cranks and a D&M Sniper 3/4oz Deep Runner spinner bait. Ron was fishing the new IMA Pinjack 200 crankbait in craw pattern and the Smallmouth Bass loved it. You have to cover some water , but there is reaction fish to be caught.

By the end of the day we would’ve caught a nice limit of Smallmouth, Largemouth, Spotted Bass and even culled a few times.

Lake Berryessa and all three species of Bass are in great shape! Looks like it should be a great year on Lake Berryessa and I’m sure we’ll see some nice bags of fish caught. Here’s a link to Ron’s report over on RB Bass.

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