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Lake Lanier Magnum Spotted Bass


IMG_0782Lake Lanier – Bass Fishing Report:  1/20/13 – Richard Dunham

Sunday was the start of the 2013 Greater Atlanta Bass Club season. This is first season with the club for my partner Scott Manwaring and I, and I wanted to win. Lake Lanier was our first stop, and the magnum Spotted Bass have been biting here all season.

Lake Conditions:

The lake has been down almost fourteen feet all season. The week leading up to the tournament we got a lot of rain, and the lake came up almost four feet.

Despite all the water running in, the lake has stayed pretty clear, and we still had over three feet of clarity. Water temps have been really stable for a couple of weeks hanging around the 50 degree mark.

Sunday was a beautiful day, cold in the morning, but warm enough to remove layers by mid day. The wind started picking up in the afternoon, but it stayed pretty calm most of the day.

How we caught them:  

With high skies and little wind in the forecast, I felt that the morning bite would be extremely important. We ran to an area that has been producing big ones all winter. However, after about twenty minutes of fishing all we had to show was a small keeper on a drop shot. With the spot failing to produce we decided to move. It proved to be a good decision.

IMG_0687Our next stop was a long creek arm with a deep creek running down the middle. We began fishing a homemade jig slowly through the middle of the ditch. We proceeded to put three fish over three pounds in less than an hour. The key to the jig bite was keeping it between 30 and 40 feet and working it really slow.

Our last, and biggest fish, came again on a drop shot using a Roboworm in morning dawn. I saw the fish on the graph suspended in a tree. I was working the bait when my line went totally slack. Initially I was confused but when I caught up to him I could tell it was a big one. She just sat there and shook. When she finally came up, she was a fat 4.15 pound spotted bass.

My initial thought about the bite was correct, and at about 10 o’clock the bite shut down. We ended up culling out our little one with a slightly bigger fish later in the day, but overall it slowed way down.

Our catch of 15.56 pounds was good enough for us to finish 3rd. Not the win I was looking for, but not a bad day of fishing.

I look forward to continuing to fish with Greater Atlanta Bass Club, and maybe next time we will take the win.

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