Steve Eason Lake OrovilleMarch2013

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Lake Oroville Springttime Bass Fishing Report



Steve-Eason-Lake-OrovilleMarch2013Don’t rush this season too much.  It will be here and gone before we know it,..

A buddy of mine, Ron had just returned from a fantastic trip in El Salto bragging about how he had been catching 5lbrs everyday and said he’d like to go in search of some quality Spotted Bass. So with all the recent warm spring weather, I decided a trip to Oroville was in order.

We arrived to at the lake to find the air temperature was brisk with a light breeze, and the water temperature on the main lake was still only 54-55.

In search of some reaction fish we headed shallow to my first confidence spot on the main lake. It’s generally a wind-blown bank and faces west. We caught a few smaller fish and one decent Male spot on a River2Sea’s S–Waver in Rainbow Trout but, after the sun reached over the eastern hills the wind died and so did the bite.

We set out in search of some possible deeper fish,.. Keeping a close eye on my electronics I found some active fish on the screen in 15’ & 40’ but not much in-between. We had some success with plastics  catching a few small keepers; 4.5” roboworms, 5” senkos  and Jackel Flick shake worms in both 4.8 and 5.8  Green pumpkin was color of choice,.. But not the quality fish we were looking for.

Although it seems with all the warm weather the fish on the main lake want move up and stay, they’re not there yet.

We left the main lake heading down into South Fork in search of warmer, stained water. We arrived up river to find the water temp was 3 degrees warmer and stained. Within just a few minutes we were catching male Spotted Bass one right after the other in less than 10 ft of water with the same plastic combos mentioned earlier, most of the fish came on the Jackel Flick shake.

This pattern held on for us the rest of the morning and although catching 20-30 fish is a blast, we just weren’t getting any bigger fish.  At Noon, we ventured back to the main lake with hope to find warmer water temps and bigger active fish.

Back on the main lake I metered fish in 30 + ft. but water temp had not come up much and neither did the fish. We moved back into shallow coves and once again found warmer water and some active fish.

It wasn’t a wide-open day, but with a couple more degrees of warmer temps and the lake should bust open everywhere.

Tip of the day:  After the reaction bite dies or you lose the wind, scale down your plastics and catch more fish! That day we caught more fish with small finesse style baits than anything else. Go light for numbers.

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