Chris Gosselaar Idaho Lake Owyhee 05

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Lake Owyhee & Snake River Bass Fishing Report with Chris Gosselaar



Heading to Idaho for some Bass fishing,.. We left Fresno at 3pm and drove all night,.. We finally found a place at 3am that sold fishing licenses,.. Then we made it to Lake Owyhee at 4:30am.

The lake is low so we had to wait till it got light enough to launch. We finally got on the water by 6am. While we were waiting, some guys at the launch ramp told us the bite has been good with senkos from 20-35 feet. I drove around the lake to check it out and ended up finding some water that looked good.

It was a flatter bank that was about 5 feet deep then dropped to about 17 feet. I started cranking a square bill with no luck,.. After that I moved down the bank where it led to a small pocket and I noticed a lot of bait on the graph,.. so we started throwing 4 inch Kietech swimbaits and started picking up few fish.

I also threw a 7 inch hallow body swimbait and caught a few on that too. After we caught about 8 – 10 fish off that spot I decided to check around to see if I could find another spot. I’m not one to fish a worm so I stuck with the reaction bite but unfortunately it really wasn’t happening so we went back to the honey hole lol!

By this time the sun was up and it was getting hot! I thought it would make the bite tougher but it didn’t! It actually got better! My brother in law started throwing a jig, catching them on every cast. It was pretty funny,.. we fished one little 40 yard stretch and caught about 50 fish from 3 to 4 pounds!

By about 2pm the long all night drive had caught up with us,.. And we still had a 3 hour drive ahead of us to my parents in Lewiston Idaho, so we left them biting,.. We ended up having 19.5lbs for our best 5 with a few lost fish that would have put us over 20!

The water temperature that day was 71 in the morning and 74 when we left.

Once in Lewiston Idaho, the next day we fished the snake river for Smallmouth Bass. The fishing was good for numbers but not for size. Our biggest was almost 3lbs. We probably caught 100 fish on wacky rigged senkos and drop shot.

We’re probably gonna hit owyhee on the way home again to see if we can break that 20lbs mark lol!

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