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Lake Pardee Bass Fishing Report – 2014 Media Day


Lucky or Good

By Mark Lassagne

Bass fishing is all about decisions, make the right one and you’re a hero, the wrong one a zero.

Tony making sure his boat is clean and dry
Tony making sure his boat is clean and dry

What was the decision you made last time you went fishing? Was it right, wrong or somewhere in between? Most importantly did you learn from your outing?

On April 13th Ultimate Bass Radio  / Kent Brown put on a media event at Pardee Lake in Northern California. The event started at the coffee shop with a nice breakfast and cool bag of goodies provided by Strike King.

The event this year was a who’s – who with anglers like the legend Dave Gliebe, Jimmy Reese, Greg Gutierrez, Ken Mah, Jason Borfka and several other great pros.

Every media event is different and this is one where the media get’s to fish (the best kind). There are two segments where a media person goes with one angler for a few hours, comes back shoots images, has a snack then switches to the second half pro.

These events, as media you’re at the mercy of the pro to get some nice bass and pictures to use for your magazine or website.

My first segment was with an old friend and great angler Tony Franceschi. We start talking about decisions where to go and what to fish. Tony hadn’t fished Lake Pardee in two years and didn’t have any inside information, only going on what he learned two years ago and his instinct for the time of year and the type of lake.

The water temp was 62 to 64 degrees, the water is very clear with visibility to 10 ft. and this morning is overcast.

Tony said we’re running up the river to check some coves, the water is warm and the fish should be pretty active.  Running his new 21ft BassCat near 75 MPH we run up river four or five miles stopping in a cove that receives a lot of sun.

Why is sun important?  The lake has just warmed up to the low 60’s and the bass should be in spawn mode where sunny banks are more apt to have a bigger population of spawning bass.

Mark Lassagne with his almost four pounderIt’s overcast today with a little wind so Tony wisely opts for a topwater River2sea Rover walking bait.  Using a bait like this will appeal to bass in several stages. Bass that are moving up, spawning bass and post spawn bass will all hit a topwater bait. It’s not like every bass will hit it but it’s high percentage bait for quality fish. I was also throwing a topwater bait at the same time except I was using a Whopper Plopper also by River2sea; we tossed these baits up and down the bank for about an hour with no takers.
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Republished with permission By Mark Lassagne

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