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Yatesville Lake Bass fishing report with Tyler Waller



Tyler Waller  ~ We have all had those days when all the stars align and the Bass fishing is something to be seen in a mythological movie, for Misty and I, this was one of those days. Due to being in a transition period with boats at the moment I had to borrow a friend’s Nitro Z9 to allow us to get on the water and that caused us to be a little later than I wanted arriving. Launched the boat at the Greenbriar ramp around 8:15 A.M. and headed out. I started the morning off pitching a KVD rodent in the spring craw color and caught a small largemouth about ten casts in. We were fishing mostly submerged timber and as we came up to the first tree I decided to pick up a 1.5 Square bill crankbait and give it a go. Boy am I ever glad I made that decision! Three casts in I caught another small largemouth but I never put the bait down for the rest of the day unless I was taking fish off it! We caught a total of 17 fish in about five hours with the biggest one weighing around 4.5lbs.


Water Temp: 75.3-75.8 in the areas we fished but I’m sure are much warmer now

Water Clarity: Decent water clarity with about four foot of viability in the water column. The water was slightly stained a dark green color.

Weather: Couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Overcast sky’s and a temperature that stayed close to 60 degrees for the entire day and a slight mist of rain. Odd weather pattern for the middle of June but it helped out I believe.


Rod: Powell Inferno 734CF in the morning throwing the rodent and a Duckett White Ice (Timmy Horton Series) 7’4″ crankin’ rod.

Line: Stren flourocast in 10lb test clear.

Baits: KVD rodent in spring craw and a Strike King 1.5 Square bill.