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2014 River2Sea OPEN Team Tournament – California Delta


The official countdown begins as the last wave of anglers looking to qualify for the 2nd annual Coors Light Delta Open Teams Series Championship next spring, will get their final chance as the 2014 River2Sea Open returns to the California Delta – at Ladd’s Marina, November 1st and 2nd.

This event will be the last event that western anglers will have the opportunity to qualify for the 2015 Coors Light Delta Championship, as the first 75 berths in the event have been decided via two qualifying events held earlier this year, the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge, and the Snag Proof Open. So this River2Sea Open event will be an extravaganza no true competitor will want to miss.

We all know that by November, fall will be in full swing and as the water temps will have dropped dramatically, and delta bass will have begun their fall feeding pattern, making the vast variety of quality baits River2Sea is famous for all that more effective for locating and catching quality bass.

The Ish’s series “Biggie” Crankbaits, “Bling” spinnerbaits, topwater plugs, and that ever-so-nasty “S-Waver” bait – one that is quickly becoming legendary, is just a small part of the River2Sea line of products that anglers are allowed to use in this event. What’s more is that anglers can use any brand of soft plastics bait they choose – as long as they are weighted by a River2Sea brand weight or jighead.

So all of you dropshotter’s and worm aficionados, you have no excuse, as your chance has never been better to show your finesse skills while participating in an exciting competition.

The Lowest entry – with the BIGGEST payout ever! 

With economics being the way they are, this event presents the best opportunity for all anglers to participate in an event that is relatively close to home, for a very low entry fee, with an unbelievable payout.

The per-team entry is only $150, which covers both days, and the payout…get this…will see a $15,000 GUARANTEED payout disbursed to the top five places!

Guys…with most TOC’s being completed, and the winter holidays just around the corner, you don’t want to miss out on this last opportunity for fun, big cash, and perhaps a trip to the Coors Light Championship and a chance at winning a new vehicle!

See you all at the River2Sea Open!

Angler’s Press

For information about the event and how to signup, visit:

www.anglerspress.com or call 916-768-0938

Note: The Coors Light Open Teams Championship will be held in the late spring of 2015



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