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Clear Lake + Early March = MONSTER BASS


“The BIG BASS Brawl” is Coming!


Clear Lake + Early March = MONSTER BASS

For 10 years, opening season for Future Pro Tour anglers meant a peaceful trip in early March through the winding vineyard roads leading to Lake Berryessa, and the anticipation that great fun and good limits would be on tap for a traditionally large field of competitors all suffering from severe cases of “cabin fever” .

But the anticipation and look of opening day is going to change dramatically for FPT competitors who are preparing right now to dive into the 2013 season, as the big season opener for the northern region will take place Saturday, March 9th at mammoth Clear Lake – a lake many consider to be the most consistent big bass factory in the United States.

And the first week of March is a time that most Clear Lake aficionados will tell you that big fish records are prone to be shattered. In fact, in the first week of March 2007, during an event on Clear Lake dubbed the “Vanity Cup”, Mark Crutcher (using River2Sea’s Bottom Walker baits) produced a 10-fish 74 pound limit of bass that still holds as a Clear Lake record weight for a 2 day event.

Early March typically means that big fish which will begin to move up and stage off the first breaks, with even bigger females roaming through the shallows looking to make beds, and creating the perfect “BIG BASS storm”- along with an ensuing big-bass slugfest.

A large field of anglers is anticipated, as signups – as of this writing, climb steadily for this season opener. Many are excited about the opportunity to become the first-ever Coors Light -“Cold As Ice” Silver Bullet Anglers of the Year, while others will focus on getting a jump on a points race competition that is sure to be fierce, as only 50 teams from the northern region will qualify for the year-end championship event dubbed the “Future Pro Tour Classic”, which will be held during the first week of March 2014.

Limited field “elimination style” – Classic championship

The 2013 Future Pro Tour Classic, not only carries with it an outstanding 1st place award consisting of a brand new Ranger/Evinrude package, but also the prestige of being known as the best amateur team in the west as Future Pro Tour classic qualifiers take pride in the accomplishment of just making it to the “big show”.

Moreover, many of the past FPT Classic Champions will quickly tell you that while some “luck” played a part in their victory; it was mostly hard work and determination that made the difference and stands as the major source of pride for their Classic accomplishment.

To this end, the 2013 FPT Classic, will feature a total field of ONLY 75 teams, and will be held in a three-day “elimination style” format with only the top ten teams remaining after the first 2 days of competition.

“I’m excited about this type of format, noted 2010 FPT Classic Champion Todd Ondracek, who also “moonlights” as a veteran United Airlines Airbus Captain during his regular day job. It helps keep the “luck” factor in check, and rewards the guys who fished good and broke away from the pack with a better shot at winning a $35,000 boat and the most coveted title in amateur bass fishing”.

If you have not signed up for this opening season event, there is no time like the present, as you certainly don’t want to be on the sidelines “watching” this one when you can be in the mix battling it out for your share of cash, prizes, and Clear Lake bragging rights.

Limited memberships of just $10 per angler are available for those that can only fish one or two events, and all teams new to FPT competition will receive a 2 for 1 membership.

So get off that couch, dust off your tackle and let’s get “ready to rumble” as we start this new season off is Classic style!

Get ALL event info here >

See you all at Clear Lake!



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