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FPT 2014 Rookie of the Year race – begins in March



There is no question that Future Pro Tour anglers are some of the best amateur anglers in the entire west.

And if you ask any angler that “cut their teeth” participating in FPT competition, they will quickly tell you that the path from apprentice to journeyman was not an easy one, and that success did not come without a good measure of diligence, hard work, and most importantly, time on the water.

FPT alumni notatbles such as Justin Lucas, Roy Desmangles, J.R. Wright, Jason Milligan, Cody Meyer, and John Billheimer – to name a few, have all moved on to higher-level competition and will tell you that a big part of success was due to the fact that they took the time to learn and develop their skills on a stage that best emulated an environment that they were destined to become a part of.

FPT “Up and Comer” Rookie Division…A place to start

Now in its second year, the “Up and Comer” – Rookie” division is the perfect backdrop that will allow you to build your basic bass fishing skills, experience all of the excitement and challenges of a “big venue” environment – AND measure your skills against those anglers of equal experience.

To be part of this division does not require any additional fees, and you are eligible to win any and all cash/prizes offered at all FPT events. To be eligible to fish in this division, you must have zero to no more than one (1) years experience participating in organized tournament competition.

At the end of the year, the top team in this division (both regions) will be awarded the Coors Light “Rookie of the Year” trophy or jacket, a Chevron fuel card, and their membership fees paid for the following year!

The inaugural 2013 “Up and Comer” Coors Light Rookie of the Year titles went to Rickey and Rene Paez (Northern Region), and Russ and Hunter Kidder (Central Region) and each team will be honored at this years 2013 Future Pro Tour Classic Celebration banquet in March!

So for those of you that want to know where and how to get started building your bass fishing skills…..…your opportunity is knocking!

NEW Pro/Kids Division!

An enormous amount of pro-level anglers have expressed to us that they have kids or know youth that would love the experience of participating in some of the large and exciting venues FPT hosts – but they themselves cannot participate in FPT events due to eligibility restrictions.

To help bridge this gap and make it possible for more youth to experience the fun and excitement of FPT events, the 2014 season will add a new division called Pro/Kids!

The Pro/Kids division is open to any angler that does not qualify for FPT events, that desires to bring a youth 15 years and under out to experience the fun of competitive angling.

The best part….there is NO COST to participate in this division.

How to register for the Pro Kids division:

– At the event, let the registrar know that you are a Pro Level angler listing your name and the name of the youth you are sponsoring

– There is a 3 fish limit in this division, and the Pro angler is only allowed to catch ONE (1) fish, the youth must catch the rest of the limit. The weight of the fish that can be caught by the Pro angler will be capped and determined based on the event. For example, the weight for the Pro at a Clear Lake event may be “capped” at 5 pounds, and for Lake Oroville, it may be “capped” at 2 pounds.

While the Pro/Kid teams are not eligible to win any money in the regular FPT event held that day, the Pro/Kid team with the highest weight will receive a trophy and special prize, and all youth participants in this division will receive a special participation award.

At the end of the year, the highest finishing Pro/Kid team (based on total points) will receive a FREE entry – to fish with their youth, into any Angler’s Press event of their choice – such as theYamamoto Big Bass Challenge, Snag Proof Open, or the River2Sea Open!

Note: If participation is good for this division in 2014 – more FREE entries in to Anglers Press events will be awarded to Pro/Kids teams!

Don’t forget FPT will be at the ISE sportsmen’s Expo – both 3131…so come by and get a big discount off your membership and receive over $75 in premium tackle with your AdvantagePLUS membership – AND meet the FPT Coors Light girls and get your free Coors Light pilsner class and T-shirt (while supplies last).

See you at the show or on the water!
916-768-0938 – https://www.futureprotour.net

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