Kevin Hawk James river day 2 launch

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Kevin Hawk – Another Western Angler fishing the BASSMASTER Elites!


Kevin Hawk officially announced that he WILL be fishing the BASSMASTER Elites in 2013

Bass Angler Headquarters caught up with Kevin Hawk shortly after winning the Angler of the Year title for the BASSMASTER Southern Opens back in Oct. We discussed many things; redesign of his website (now live), current & future tournament plans, his berth into the BASSMATER Elites, etc. He was very candid sharing with us about his plans but asked we not say anything until he completely made up his mind. Well it seems Kevin Hawk has made up his mind and we’re glad to hear it! Here at BHQ we are wishing Kevin the best of luck next year and we’ll be speaking with him on a regular basis throughout the season.

“After clinching the Bass Southern Open Division Angler of the Year title in early October, I immediately started thinking about which Tour I would fish in 2013.  I also entertained (and still am) fishing both Tours.  

I’ve decided to accept my invitation to fish the Elite Series.  If I’m able to put some additional sponsor deals together there’s a good chance I’ll fish both Tours.  Regardless if I’ll be fishing one or two Tours, I’m certainly looking forward to the new opportunities and challenges ahead of me.

I’ve contacted all my existing sponsors, as well as, potentially new sponsors, and have received a lot of positive feedback on the opportunity to promote them on the Elite Series this coming season. “ ~ Kevin Hawk

Steve Adams (BHQ Owner) – “I met Kevin Hawk back in 2010 after his winning the 2012 Forrest Wood Cup when he contacted me to build him an Angler website. From then up to now having been working and interacting with Kevin, It’s been a pleasure to get to know and work with him. He’s a gracious and humble man, professional and I can say any company would benefit from working with Kevin. Besides being a great fisherman, (proven by his current results) he is a great representative and ambassador for Professional Bass fishing. Awesome to see him fishing the BASSMASTER Elites!

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