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Peirson and Ladner "ice" Capitol City Showdown event


“Sugar” Shane Perison and Travis Ladner (not shown) win big on Sac River

SACRAMENTO, Ca. – In the weeks prior to the 2014 Coors Light Future Pro Tour’s final event of the season – the “Capitol City Showdown”, there were “rumblings” from many, that it was going to be difficult to catch fish – let alone bring in a limit of fish, on the Sacramento River.

But come game day, most of the over 80 teams that showed up to this final event found out – first hand, that the Sacramento river system is truly one of northern California’s most productive bass fisheries, and gained both a new perspective and appreciation for what it has to offer as over 80% of the field caught fish, and nearly half brought limits of quality smallmouths to the scales at weighin time.

The team of “Sugar” Shane Peirson and Travis Ladner “went for broke” and ran about 40 minutes south of the Discovery Park launch to the Steamboat slough area, to find one of the rivers most productive areas for quality bass, rocking the scales with a 22-plus pound limit, to take take home their first FPT title, over $2,000 in cash, and the George Gomes memorial big fish trophy for a mammoth large mouth that went 8.01 pounds. Shane and Travis used the “punching” technique to get their bigger fish, which had moved into the shallow areas of the slough.

Congratulations Shane and Travis on a well-deserved victory!

Mike Cole and James Everhart score back-to-back 2nd place finishes with a 19-plus pound limit

Fresh off a second place finish in the last FPT event (where he fished solo), Mike Cole was re-joined by partner James Everhart, and as a team, again took second place honors on the strength of an impressive 19.41 pound limit, which included a stocky largemouth weighing an even 7 pounds. James indicated that he caught the big fish “dropshottin” in about 16 feet of water off a channel break, using 8 pound Maxima fluorocarbon line.

He and Mike completed their limit using the River2Sea Ish Monroe “Biggie” series crankbaits – also cranking the deeper channel breaks.

As approximately 84% of the field caught fish in this event and nearly half of the field brought limits of quality small and largemouth bass to the scales, it is for sure that the Sacramento River will become a newly “preferred” bass fishing destination for both tournament and non-tournament anglers alike!

Angler of the Year win is bittersweet

Newly crowned 2014 Coors Light “Silver Bullet” Anglers of the Year Justin Nelson and Tony “the Tiger” Koregolos were clearly emotional as they contemplated the bitter and sweet realities of what their second Coors Light “Silver Bullet” Angler of the Year, and Navionics Cup titles mean.

“We have grown tremendously and learned a great deal about what it means to be a true competitor over the years we have fish this tour”, noted Justin as he addressed the large crowd of anglers and spectators during the awards ceremony. We have forged relationships that will never be forgotten, and sadly, we will miss all of you as we look forward to moving up to the next level of competition”, they both added.

For the Coors Light “Silver Bullet” Angler of the Year title Justin and Tony will receive custom trophies, and $300 cash, and for their Navionics Cup title, they will receive a custom award and a $200 Chevron fuel card!

Congratulations Justin and Tony, and good luck at the next level of competition!

As the 12th season of bringing the most exciting bass fishing events to the west rests firmly in the books, the Future Pro Tour would like to take this time to express our sincere appreciation for the unwavering support, and patience we have received over the years from our anglers and sponsors,which have contributed greatly in helping this tour become the premier amateur-level bass fishing tour in the west.

To our FPT staff members, who behind-the-scenes have the often thankless job of keeping things flowing smoothly before, during, and after the events, we are especially grateful, as your commitment to excellence is an asset we could never do without.

We look forward to seeing all of you in the 2015 season, and wish you and your families, a wonderful and safe holiday season.

See you all next year!

Future Pro Tour – www.futureprotour.net

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