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"Rollin on the River"…final event of FPT's "Delta Swing"


Rollin on the River!

Final event of “Delta Swing” series fast approaching

STOCKTON, Ca – “Crunch Time” is officially here, and you can best believe that Future Pro Tour anglers are preparing in earnest for the final event in the FPT’s “Delta Swing” series of events, dubbed “Rollin on the River” an event which also happens to be the second to last event of the Coors Light Future Pro Tour’s 2014 season.

This event scheduled for Saturday, September 27th at Ladd’s Marina in Stockton, will see those teams with even the slightest hopes of making it to the 2014/15 Future Pro Tour Classic championship, (which will be held the first week in March on Clear Lake) , “runnin and gunnin” and pullin out all stops, in an effort to make it to the FPT Classic and the “big show”.

“We have to let it all go for this event”, noted an anxious Nate Torsch and Chad Cattaneo, who currently sit just outside of the Classic qualifying bubble. The year has been up and down for us and we know we are better anglers than our current score reflects. We like the California Delta and are very comfortable with the waterway, so we think we have a good chance of bring our score up and making it to the FPT Classic on Clear Lake in March”.

Tough competitors Dom Boykin and son Colton are also concerned as they not only sit outside of the 50 berth Classic qualifying bubble, but, also outside the wildcard draw qualification. But considering the delta to be their “home waters” and the fact that Colton is the defending FPT “Future Future Pro” Angler of the Year, NO ONE should even think about counting this team out of the running. “The delta is home and though we had a rough year – with many unexpected difficulties, we know we can fish better than we have been and will fish very aggressive for this event”, noted Dom.  “We feel that we can definitely go out and get a top ten in this event, which will help our cause in a big way”.

“With weather conditions predicted to be warm and stable, along with the this event being a FULL DAY affair, anglers would be wise to go for some big bites early, trying to get the big fish that feed primarily in the early morning hours on top water, then switch to a “punching” technique later in the day”, noted Navionics/Humminbird pro Travis Huckaby who is a top competitor in pro competition. Anglers need to remember that this is the “transitional” time of the year for delta bass, so timing and focus is critical”.

Future Pro Tour anglers are never left without a way to receive the help they need in their quests to become true students of the game. To that end, Future Pro Tour “Tech” will host a “Punching 101” seminar at Fisherman’s Warehouse in Sacramento, featuring none other than the punchin’ master Alan Fong, lure designer, and delta guru. This seminar will be held on Thursday, Sept 25th, at the Fisherman’s Warehouse in Sacramento and will begin promptly at 6pm.

This seminar is open to EVERYONE, even if you are not a member of FPT or do not fish FPT events.

Been wanting to tryout the FPT?

If you have been wanting to just try out a FPT event, or know you can’t make all FPT events, “limited memberships” of just $5 per angler are always available. If you have not already pre-signed for this event, you can sign up the morning of the event at Ladd’s Marina beginning at 4:00 am, where Cabral Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge/RAM will be providing fresh coffee, pastries, and snacks and for participants to enjoy – PLUS a FREE BBQ for all participating anglers after the event.

So come on out and join us for “Rollin on the River” and find out if that “big wheel that keeps on turning” will propel FPT anglers toward a berth in FPT Classic, our leave them down stream to be just mere spectators in the prestigious Classic  championship event!

See you all there!




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