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Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge – First qualifying event for Coors Light Delta Open Teams Series Championship


First qualifying event for Coors Light Delta Open Teams Series Championship begins this weekend with Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge!
Click here for Yamamoto Big Bass Tournament Flyer – Rules

BETHEL ISLAND, Ca. – The first event in a three-event series that will qualify some anglers for the inaugural Coors Light Delta Open Teams Series Championship begins this weekend with the Yamamoto BIG BASS Challenge, a fun and exciting event that has become known as bass fishing’s version of Texas Hold Em’ poker.

That’s because unlike a normal tournament event where the winner and winnings are determined by teams who catch the five heaviest fish of the day, each and every participant has the opportunity to be a “hero” – EVERY HOUR, as they can weigh in one big fish each hour, for 6 hours, for 2 days!

The five biggest fish of each hour will win CASH awards* consisting of up to $500, $400, $300, $200, $100 for each place respectively, plus BIG cash that will be awarded for the overall big fish of the event.

Nerves will be tested to the MAX as anglers who catch the biggest bass of that hour must sit patiently during the remainder of that hour in the Yamomoto/Kinami Big Bass “Hot Seats” and hope that no other angler comes to the scales before the hour is up with a bigger fish that will “bump” them out of the money!

And when the official time-keeper signals the end of the hour, and the top five know it’s time TO GET PAID…you can best believe it’s “high fives” all the way around…. followed by a mad dash to get back on the water to do it all over again for the next hour!

Adding to the excitement, this event rewards the top 25 biggest fish of the event with a berth into the first-ever Coors Light Delta Open Teams Series Championship. This championship event which will be held in June of 2014, and will consist of the top 25 finishers from three qualifying events – the 2013 Snag Proof Open which will be held in the summer, and the 2013 River2Sea Open which will be held in the fall.

This series presents a great opportunity for those with work, family or financial constraints, who simply cannot make a year-long commitment to team schedule, to take part in the excitement of friendly competition, and have a chance at participating in a end-of-season TOC style event for a big prize.

Remember… you do not have to fish all three events to qualify for the Delta Open Teams Series Championship…you only have to make the top 25 in one of the three qualifying events.

You can get signed up for this first qualifying event over the phone by calling the Angler’s Press Office, or register on Friday, May 3rd and the Hook, Line, and Sinker’s Oakley store, or by signing up at Russo’s Marina the morning beginning at 4am.

Remember… as soon as you check in and get your live-wells checked, you can start fishing…but the 1st weigh-in period does not start until 9am.

See you all there!

See you all at the Yamamoto/KINAMI Baits Big Bass Open!

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*Please see Anglers Press website for details regarding payout ratios

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