Big Bass Challenge

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Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge – May 4 – 5, 2013


If you like the challenge of hunting for BIG BASS, then this event is for you! Using only Yamamoto or Kinami baits, anglers have a chance every hour – for 6 hours, to weigh one big bass and grab one of the 5 big fish checks paid out each hour. This is bass fishing version of “Texas Hold Em” so get ready for another great big bass event May 4-5th on the Cal Delta at Russo’s Marina! Click here for Yamamoto Big Bass Tournament Flyer – Rules

BETHEL ISLAND, Ca. – The Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge is coming back to the California delta bringing with it some of the most affordable and exciting fun you will ever have on the water!

And for the 2013 event, nothing has changed, except for the fact that the hourly CASH payouts, overall big fish prize, and final grand prize will be bigger than ever!

PLUS…just by fishing this event and bringing in one of the top 25 over all big fish, you will automatically qualify for the Delta Open Teams Championship and be one of only 100 teams that will compete for a new Jeep Patriot!

If anybody has to tell you what impact the Yamamoto product has had on western fisheries – especially the California delta, then you must be some sort of Rip Van Winkle, (a person that has been sleeping under a tree for the past 20 years), as Yamamoto’s flagship bait, the Senko, took the soft pour bait market by storm and continues to this day, to be the single most successful bait in any delta fisherman’s tackle box, and is for sure the most effective.

Couple this with Yamamoto’s ever-effective twin/single tail grubs, lizards, and tubes, along with their dynamic assortment of buzz, spinner, crank and top water baits, and you have an arsenal of choices that is sure to ring the dinner bell of any big fish that roams the California delta. And yes…Yamamoto/Kinami does make a SWIMBAIT!

The date for this year’s event will May 4th and 5th, which is a bit earlier in the year than last year’s event, providing anglers with an even better opportunity to catch a double-digit fish as the largemouth bass will be very active and in all stages of transition, SO… the challenge will be for an angler to decide on which bait, technique, and area of the delta they will need to key on to have the best chance at capturing an hourly big fish check, the overall Big Fish cash prize – OR be one of the event’s “Super 12” finalists that will have a chance at the Grand Prize of $10,000* on the event’s final day.

The format of this event is unique in that it pits angling skill against weigh-in strategy and many anglers who have participated in past events, refer to it as bass fishing’s version of Texas “hold em” Poker. That’s because during each hour – for six hours, for two days, anglers catching a big fish are quickly faced with making the decision to either “cash in” their hand (or big fish) for a chance at that hour’s big fish money, OR “hold em” and opt to bring their BIG Fish to the scales during the following hour, with the hopes of grabbing a piece of that hour’s BIG Fish cash bounty.

The challenge you ask? ONLY Yamamoto or KINAMI baits can be used during this two-day competition!

You heard right…five checks per hour, for six hours, for two days straight, equaling thousands of dollars. The top 10 hourly big fish winners receive $500, and then move on to qualify for top prize of $10,000*, PLUS there will be a $3,000* cash award for the event’s OVERALL big fish.

All for only a $150 per person entry fee that covers you for both days!

And, if those “honey do’s” get you boxed in, where you simply can’t fish both days, you can still get in on all the fun, as you can sign up for the one-day entry fee of just $100 dollars.

How money is available to win?…It’s totally up to you!

How big the Grand prize award, hourly Big Fish cash awards, and Overall Big Fish cash prize will be is totally up to you, as the more anglers that participate, the bigger the cash prizes will be for this exciting event!

On Friday, May 3rd, the day before the event at the Hook, Line, and Sinker tackle store in Oakley, anglers will have the opportunity to get last minute tips on how to catch late spring bass on the California delta as informative seminars hosted by Yamamoto pro-staff anglers will be conducted. At that time you can also pre-register for the event, and dine on some delicious BBQ that will be available.

Western anglers…given the price of fuel these days, this event represents a great opportunity for you to participate in a fun, exciting venue that is close to home, inexpensive to fish, and on a body of water well known across the country for producing BIG fish..PLUS get a chance to fish a TOC style championship for a big prize!

More information, on rules, and event particulars can be found on, or you can email us at [email protected] Event flyers with entry forms can also be found at many of the tackle stores throughout the Sacramento and SF bay areas. If you need to speak with someone in person about the event, you can always call the Anglers Press offices at 916-768-0938, where we will be waiting to get you registered for the event over the phone.

And don’t forget… save your empty Yamamoto/KINAMI bags for a chance to win other great prizes we will be announcing soon.

So what are you waiting for? Get it together..and get signed up TODAY!

See you all at the Yamamoto/KINAMI Baits Big Bass Open!

Anglers Press

916-768-0938 –

*Please see Anglers Press website for details regarding payout ratios

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