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Aaron LeSieur – GoPro – Red One Camera Keeper


In this video BHQ Pro Aaron LeSieur discusses a new product, The Red One Camera Keeper. Red One Camera Keeper was designed to be used with a GoPro® camera.

The Red One system was designed to be used on the GoPro camera which is the most widely used small video camera of today.

This Red One Keeper system starts with 36” of red vinyl coated, 100% stainless aircraft cable for strength and a no rust material. At 36” this system allows plenty of length to reach from your GoPro camera to a secure location.

A pre-measured eye is looped that fits right over the tensioner shaft of the GoPro camera and is swaged on with a stainless sleeve. A plastic spring ball is added on the system to take up any slack around the object you wish to attach to and then a 100% stainless steel snap is swaged on the opposite end with another stainless sleeve. The system held over 150lbs. in a dead lift test without failure. Plenty strong enough for a GoPro camera. All stainless steel metals means the finest of materials are used that you spend your hard-earned money on to keep your GoPro on-board for a very long time in the event of a mount failing.

Installation is a breeze. Just unscrew the GoPro tensioner, slip the Red One Camera Keeper eye on the plastic shaft and reinstall the GoPro tensioner. Loop the opposite end of the system around a secure non-living object, clip the Keeper around the cable and slide the spring ball to the clip.

The system also has a pedestal pod to be used in a seat pedestal. Just peel and stick the GoPro mount that came with your camera onto it and attach your GoPro. It fits a ¾” hole.

Keep that GoPro camera on-board with the Red One Camera Keeper system.

Click here to more info and order yours today.

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