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About Danny Barker

Kickin it in FL now but who knows where the next stop will be.

Bass are Chompin and the Surf’s Up

What! Surf Expo Product Reviews: Had the pleasure of working the Surf Expo for one of my friends Kent Hickman and Lori Gosewisch of Gillz Performance Apparel recently. What could an event like this have to do with fishing? Well as I found out a lot more than you think. Here’s a list of companies […]

The Unreserved Table – Bassmaster Classic 2017

Traveling from Florida to Texas in the “BASS On” Monster Truck owned by my friend David Partridge was a trip in and of itself, Flying down 1-10 West the 9-hour drive went by fast, talk about getting check out by everyone WOW! Arrived at the hotel around 7 pm central had dinner then straight to […]

I Flipped the Bird today,..

…and I’m not sorry! Danny Barker – One of the latest top water lures to fly on to the bass fishing scene is called Flip In The Bird and its producing some great catches! It’s a soft-bodied bait that looks like a Bird with wings and a tail. It’s designed to be totally weedless with […]

Spin Rippin’ for Bass

By Danny Barker When I first started fishing, spinning gear is what I used for everything. Later on I started using bait casters for crankin’, throwin’ blades and flippin’, but I still use spinning tackle for the rest my fishing. Most people like to ripp with a fiberglass or composite bait casting rod and a […]