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Kansas TBF State Team, My Nitro Z7, Brent Chapman, and North Carolina Fishing


TBF Qualifier

In August I qualified for the TBF State Team.  The top 12 qualifiers get to fish the divisional championship next June somewhere in Louisiana.  We do not find out the exact location until the end of this year.  Here are the 12 anglers.  I’m the good looking one standing second from left.

The qualifier was on Wilson and the fishing was tuff.  I was tied with the lead on day one with something like 9 pounds 6 ounces.  In the past, to win a tournament on Wilson you needed to catch largemouth, well I weighed in all smallmouth.  Due to the Kansas culling law we only weighed in four fish.  Each of my smallmouth were over two pounds.  Very fun to catch!  For the day I caught 8 smallmouth keepers and a lot of small fish.

I caught all my smallmouth with a drop shot using a Zman finesse Shadz in pearl.  You can purchase them at Tackle Warehouse type in “ShadZ” in the search box and it will take you right to them.  Pearl was the color that day but I’ve caught fish on green pumpkin with blue specks and plain green pumpkin.











Second day of the tournament was a different day.  We couldn’t catch largemouth and we couldn’t catch smallmouth.  It was a tuff tuff day.  I did catch one smallmouth which landed me in fifth overall.  I was glad to make the team.  Last year was my first year to fish the TBF and I didn’t even come close to making the team.  My only goal this year was to make the team.

My New Nitro Z7


So I finally got my new 2012 Nitro Z7 with a Mercury 150.  Many of you know that I got a deal on it from a buddy who is a great fisherman.  My plan was not to buy new for my first boat, but it was a deal I couldn’t pass up.  I’m excited to get it on the water.

It has taken some time to get all the paper work finished and mailed  but it should all be here in the next day.  Then all I have to do is get it registered and I’m ready to hit the water.  Just in time for the end of summer.  We all know that the fishing can be best this time of year and I won’t have to put up with the crazy heat.

After getting the boat certificate I went to Pro’sChoice Marine to actually order the boat.  They did a great job of answering all of my questions and concerns.  Owner Luke Payne knows his boats.  Since I didn’t buy it direct from him he didn’t have much invested in me, but acted as if I was his number one customer.

Here are a couple other pics:

Brent Chapman

For the last month or so I’ve been working with Brent Chapman and his wife.  We have been focusing on getting his body to function better while creating endurance and strength.  This will help him with his stamina and prevent injuries during the tournament season.

It is unlike any other workout.  It is very specific and focuses on posture, muscle balance, and joint alignment.  I’m applying 15 years of working with all other athletes in different sports and my love of fishing to get him ready for the Bassmaster Classic in February.

Speaking of the Classic.  I think Brent has a chance to win the classic this year.  His history in the state of Louisiana is good.  He knows what it takes to be at the top of the Classic standings.  He’s just got to get a few things to go his way.  The last four years his standings in the Classic have been: 23rd place in 2008, 27th in 2009, 5th place in 2010, and 5th place in 2011.

From Brent’s blog:

Recently there was an article in In-Fisherman magazine by a gentleman by the name of Ned Kehde titled Pain Free Fishing. The focus of the article was about a guy by the name of Travis Perret of FelixFishing.com and what he has done for anglers. He has worked with Stacey King and Takahiro Omori, who he really helped with his wrist injury. I got in touch with him after hearing he was also in Kansas.

Prior to getting started with Travis, I actually thought I was in pretty decent shape. Although I’ll admit that I hadn’t been working out much. I have been working out with Travis three or four times a week for an hour. I am finding out just how out of shape I really am. Looking ahead to the Bassmaster Classic in February, I know I’ll be ready to go by then. Those nasty cold days early in the season with lots of gear on and even into the summer where the weather can actually take a lot of energy out of you, well I will be ready for it. I’ll keep you posted wuth this blog. I may even include some photos of my flexibility improvement and more as we move towards the Bassmaster Classic.

North Carolina Fishing

Next week I’m taking a trip to Greensboro, North Carolina.  My wife has business there so I get to tag along and fish, then meet her for dinner in the evenings.  I’ll be fishing with Mike Poe, an accomplished North Carolina angler.  He sent me a pic of a fish he caught the other day.  It was a great tease.  I can’t wait.





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